Ultimate DIY Master Closet

Get organized in your walk-in closet with affordable DIY components. Ready-to-assemble storage units help you store clothes, shoes, belts, purses, ties, and more. Closet organizers like labels, drawers, and shelving keep everything easy to find.

-A walk-in closet is at the top of many wish lists. Typically, they offer a lot of space, but no organization. I'm Jill Waage with Better Homes and Gardens and I'm going to show you my favorite tricks for creating a hard working walk-in closet. And best of all, this one's made with it easy do-it-yourself components that cost thousands less than custom. And in order to keep this dream closet attainable, we [unk] and ready to assemble storage components available at home centers and online. These units assemble quickly with a few basic hand tools, and you can take them with you if you move. And best of all, a closet of ready-to-assemble components can cost thousands less than a custom built one. So, let's take a look at how we pack this 8 x 10 walk-in closet with strategies that target all your day-to-day storage needs. First and foremost, closets are for clothes. This closet features several hanging bars for short garments such as shirts and skirts as well as the small section for long dresses and coats. Monogram hangers throughout offer a touch of refinement and personality. A sliding trouser rack keeps pants neat and wrinkle free. Labelled drawer units organize folded clothing. This closet is a shoe lover's paradise with angled shelves to hold all of the footwear while a motorized revolving rack puts a clever spin on necktie storage. Belts and socks stay in place thanks to pull-outs with divided inserts. Cellphones can recharge in 1 convenient drawer. And jewelry easily lifts out on trays so you can try on bits of bling at the nearby dressing station. A 6-section insert to this large compartment categorizes purses and more. Even the door plays a role in organizing accessories with a canvass shelf that unfolds to hold hats and bags. Clothing needs to be cleaned and cared for, a fact of life that this closet doesn't neglect. This bottom hinge door opens to reveal a deep wire hamper. Bags to gather hand washed items and dry cleaning are close at hand as is a shelf of stain treaters. Best of all, the closet features a built-in ironing board for quick touch-ups. The entire unit folds up in seconds and requires just a sliver of space 8 inches wide. Off-season clothing and extra bedding are housed in coordinating canvass bins that feature sturdy metal frames and zipper closures. Hat boxes make the most of the closet's highest shelf while drawer inserts bring extra purpose to the bottommost areas. Just make sure your flooring allows the drawers to open smoothly. To get the most out of your walk-in closet, think of it as any other room in your home and plan for the special features you'll really use. I'm Jill Waage with Better Homes and Gardens.