Storage: Decorating Lesson

Check out all the storage and organization we incorporated in this smart family room.

-In a multipurpose room where kids do homework and families play games and watch movies, storage and organization is key. I'm Lacey Howard, editor of Decorating Magazine, and today I'm going to show you how to keep a family room, like this one, neat, tidy, and organized. -Just inside the front door, backpacks, coats, briefcases, and sports equipment pile up when there's no place for things to be put away. This storage piece purchased from a catalog retailer offers a space for everyone's belongings, even the dogs. Cubbies assigned to each family member hold backpacks and coats while baskets keep smaller items from getting lost in the shuffle. This stately console holds all kinds of entertainment necessities. In the cabinets, movies and music are close at hand. Drawers are especially equipped to keep video game equipment ready for play. Behind the sofa, an apothecary cabinet's small drawers make ideal homes for tiny toys and must-haves within easy reach of the sofa. For this multitasking family's space, we chose a coffee table with a tray feature to accommodate working, playing, and snacking while seated on the sofa. Deep drawers provide plenty of space for pillows and blankets to stay out of sight until it's movie time. A built-in desk and shelves create a cozy home office in the room's nook. Tucked away enough to be semi-private but still part of the family room's action, this small space makes an ideal place for homework, paying bills, and scrapbooking. File cabinets on wheels hold the requisite supplies and can roll to wherever they're needed. A pair of shelves mounted on the wall offer overhead storage with a sliding door to hide messes when company is coming over. Just above the desk's surface, a corkboard holds memos and reminders at eye level. An overhead pendant gives the workspace additional task lighting and style. -In a room that acts as work station, movie theater, and entertainment hub, storage is key. With all these smart ideas, you'll create a room your entire family can enjoy. For Decorating Magazine, I'm Lacey Howard.