Bedroom 3 Ways

1 Bedroom 3 Ways

Plain attic bedroom redone to show style and use options.

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-Functional but forgettable, this attic bedroom desperately needed architectural details to become a restful getaway. Hi, I'm Paula Marshall, Editor of Before & After Magazine. To quickly and economically introduce architectural character into this room, we relied on a modular system of panels and trim. So let's take a look at 3 different ways to upgrade the same space using modular panels and trim. Wainscotting gives a room a comfy, cottage, or country attitude. These 30-inch tall beaded board panels installs more quickly than traditional wainscotting. Rout a trim above and below the panels. Make this treatment look like the real deal. After wrapping the entire room in wainscotting, we combine additional panels and trim to create a headboard for a cozy, quilt-top bed. In the nearby nook, we embellish the wainscotting with an extra 12 inches of panels and trim for a more substantial look. Outfitted with a love seat and coffee table, it's now the perfect spot to curl up with a good book. Board and batten is a surprisingly versatile wall treatment. Our 36-inch tall version of this treatment combines panel and subtly tapered trim for a look that's simultaneously classic and softly modern. To give the wall behind the bed special prominence, we extended the grid design all the way to the ceiling. Corner pieces help extend the treatment into the nook, which now boasts of sleek desks that could be used for grooming or for writing a note. Installing raised panels gives our attic bedroom traditional grandeur. Believe it or not, these handsome 30-inch tall panels are actually wood composite topped with a lightly-stained cheery veneer. For a stylish headboard that boasts a bevy of storage, we built shelves into the wall behind the bed, and then flank the space with 2-panel columns. These raised panels were perfectly sized to fit under the windows, and continue into the nook area where a built-in bench seat is covered in panels and trim, and topped with an array of posh pillow.