Ultimate Guide to What's New in Flooring

The Ultimate Guide to What's New in Flooring

Learn more about all the new, earth-friendly options you have when choosing flooring for your home.

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Traditional flooring options are great. But why not step outside the box? Did you ever think that all of these things could be floors? I'm Lacey Howard and I have some heap new flooring products to share with you. Technically, a grass, bamboo is surprisingly hard, stable, flame-resistant, and extremely renewable. In fact, some types grow up to 3 feet a day. Its prominent ring comes in strips and panels that install like engineered hardwood and float over many types so sub floors. Cork: Under foot, cork is cushiony, quiet, and comfortable. It's resistant to moisture and germs and is right at home in kitchens and baths. Surprisingly, strong glass makes for beautiful flooring. The tiles are easy care and can be back-painted for color or etch for slipper systems. Look for recycled blends. Metal: Steel and aluminum tiles and planks offer low maintenance matte finish in a slick modern aesthetic. How about leader floors? Yeah, you heard me, leather. Perfect for bedrooms and light-traffic dents. This tactile sound-absorbing material is a luxurious flooring option. A quite resilient material, rubber sets a bit of a commercial mode. But it's also easy on the feet. It resists dents and stains, but can be slippery when wet. New technologies and the focus on going green are bringing exciting new products to the flooring industry. Check them out for yourself.