Shade and Privacy: The Ultimate Guide

Create a perfect outdoor spot by incorporating shade and privacy: pergolas, awnings, umbrellas, fencing, trellises, foliage, fountains, and more.

I got a secret for you. Your deck can go from average to amazing with 2 simple things, privacy and shade. I'm Lacey Howard, and now that my secret is out, here are few ways you can have a private deck that's got it made in the shade. Arbors and pergolas are ventilated. These structures can be part your deck's original design you can add them afterwards. For effective sun coverage run the slots north to south and space the boards 6 to 10 inches apart. Awnings are fabric covered structures that provide full sun coverage. Awnings can mount to home or roof. Freestanding structures are now available as well. The best awnings use both quality canvas and aluminum or steel framing to provide years of shade. Umbrellas provide targeted shade for dining and conversation areas. Before you buy an umbrella, test it. Be sure you can comfortably reach and operate the mechanism by yourself. Screenings are easy addition on any decks, not only do they block the sun, they also provide privacy. Fabric curtains also provide privacy and a little romance. Just mount a curtain rod or pegs and attached the panels. When it comes to deck, it's okay to fence yourself in. Wood is the common material for fencing, but metal, classic and composites are also available. Great-looking fences are available in pre-made sections from your home center. With a little skill, you can install them yourself. Outdoor services take beating from wind, sun, and rain and the clean, stain, and seal every 2 to 3 years. Trellises are semiprivate fences. Add fast growing plants such as [unk] or trumpet vine to increase the privacy. For a natural barrier, a [unk] to high planting such as these palms or planting containers or with fill a planter box with grasses or bamboo. For the ultimate outdoor living space, consider adding a pool and hot tub to your backyard. A fountain or waterfall covers noise from the street or your neighbors. Run a waterline under the deck or choose free standing model that recirculate its water supply. The secrets of a sensational deck are surprisingly easy, privacy, and shade of the right amount of each and get ready for the best summer ever.