Electronics: The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Technolog

Outdoor Electronics: The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Technolog

Create the ultimate outdoor space with outdoor speakers, outdoor televisions, outdoor lighting, pest control, outdoor ceiling fans, spas, and more.

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So, you've got a beautiful deck, a comfy chair, and a cool drink. Now, what? I'm Lacey Howard, a deck is a great place to kick back and relax, but it's even better when you include some cool gadgets for entertaining. Surround yourself with sweet sound. Install a waterproof stereo system. Outdoor stereo systems are available at various price points. Speakers mount to the wall or ceiling or they sit on the ground. Speciality hidden speakers can resemble rocks or flower pots. Wireless speakers make for easy installation. If don't wanna miss a minute of your favorite show or the big game, install a flat screen television. Waterproof television like this one from Sunbrite TV may cost more, but for the higher price, you get an anti-glare screen, scratch resistance surfaces, and a technology that enhances the picture for outdoor viewing plus outdoor TVs are designed to work at temperatures ranging from below freezing to more than 100 degrees. Bring your deck out of the dark ages with outdoor lighting. First, install safety lights on stairs and post, but these lights on a timer and low volt bulbs. Next, add architectural lighting such as wall sconces post light, and landscape lights. Before, lights like these were for indoors only. Now, they are built to stay outside. Finally, add a table lamp, floor lamp, or even a chandelier to give your deck the feel of an indoor room. Solar power lighting is an energy efficient way to add life to you deck, but don't rely on it as your only source. You still need light after a cloudy day. Don't let bugs and other backyard buddies get the best of you. Skip to the toxic sprays and chemicals. Just plug in a pest attracting device like this compact design fluorescent bulbs and carbon dioxide lure bugs inside and away from your picnic table. Enjoy sizzling breezes all season long with an outdoor ceiling fan. Make sure your fan is UL damp rated for outdoor use and choose fan blades made of canvass, bamboo, or teak. Nothing beats the depth in your spa during a stressful day. Spas are heavy. Have contractor evaluate your deck strength even it's brand new. Work with a spa dealer and plumber to determine the best spot for spa. Most likely, you want your spa located close to your home for easy access. Privacy is also important. Plan to add fencing, trellises, and curtains as necessary and be sure to surround any water feature with a rot resistant material like teak or synthetic decking.