Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Tips from a Pro

Kitchen and bath remodeling tips from an officer of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

Hello, my name is Everett Collier president of Collier Ostrom Incorporated, a remodelling contractor located at San Francisco, California and an officer with the National Association of Remodelling Industry also known as NARI. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen or bath, here are few tips that will make process easy. Kitchens have become heart of the home, center of family activity, while bathrooms have become an exciting and invigorating space. Just a little foresight and proper preplanning, you can make dream rooms come true. In the preplanning stage of the remodelling project, have a priority list that contains the following: list all the features and elements you would like to see either in your kitchen or bath if your budget were not an issue. Then, just list those features and elements you would like to see included in your kitchen and bath if budget were an issue. Finally, list those features that you absolutely cannot be without. Be prepared to make propositions for products and finishes to ensure a timely and smooth remodelling project. Remember, homework, planning, and budgeting make smoother remodelling projects. NARI's goal is to help homeowners find the right professional partner to do the remodelling project. We want you to be at the most value and join us for your remodelling investment. Enjoy your new kitchen or bathroom model.