Renovation Advice from a Pro

Basement Renovation Advice from a Pro

Basement remodeling tips from an officer of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

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Hi. My name is Dean Herriges, president of Urban Herriges and Sons. I'm a remodeling contractor in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and an officer of the National Association of The Remodeling Industry, NARI. If you are planning to remodel or finish your basement, here are a few things to consider. Is your basement dry enough and warm enough? Waterproofing is important and proper installation is the key to create a warm, dry, comfortable finished basement. Aside from keeping out the cold, a properly insulated basement prevents condensation, one of the primary causes of mold and mildew problems in basements. If you notice moldy odors, peeling paint on the walls, or damp spots on the walls, these are signs that moisture is a problem and must be addressed before continuing with the remodel. Use carpeting and drapes in moderation. Surfaces that don't absorb moisture are best used in the basement. Hardwood is fairly mold resistant. However, porcelain and ceramic tile are among the best. Basements may also require stronger artificial light and the creative use of mirrors can lighten up the space considerably. These are only a few of the many decisions a NARI remodeler can help you make. A remodeled basement can provide you a perfect space for entertaining, a game room for the family fun, or even a home theater. NARI's goal is to help homeowners find the right professional partner to do their remodeling. We want you to get the maximum value and enjoyment for the dollars you invest in the remodeling. Enjoy your remodeled basement.