Grilled Chicken & Creamy Corn

Grill up an Everyday Easy Meal of tasty chicken with a simple sidedish of corn.

Better Homes and Gardens is pleased to partner with General Mills to bring you Everyday Easy Meals. We all live busy lives, so finding time to make delicious healthy food can be tough. The solution? Better Homes and Gardens Everyday Easy Meals. Wouldn't it be great to get dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes and have it look like this? This grilled chicken with creamy corn is full of fresh flavors and comes from just 5 main ingredients and a few items from the pantry. I picked up some skinless boneless chicken breast, some fresh basil and a bag of frozen corn. I'll also need a little milk and some sour cream. From my pantry, I'm going to pull some olive oil and a little paprika. One of my favorite ways to prepare chicken is to grill it either outdoors or indoors using the grill pan. It's a great way to give chicken a lot of flavor. Mix up a couple of tablespoons of olive oil with about a teaspoon of smoked paprika and then you just brush that onto the chicken and it can go right to the grill. For the creamy corn side dish, you could grill some fresh ears of corn right alongside the chicken and cut the kernels form the cob, but a bag of frozen corn is a fabulous shortcut. Add a little sour cream, a little milk, and some salt and pepper to the corn. Finish it off with a little fresh basil and you got a fast, delicious side dish. One of the things I like best about this simple dish is that it's so delicious and easy to adapt, the change of the flavors. For some Southwestern kick, try out the smoked paprika for chili powder on the chicken then top the creamy corn with a dollop of guacamole and serve the whole thing with the side of salsa. There's no reason not to have a home-cooked meal when it's an everyday easy meal.