See the first cordless digital design cutter here first! brought to you by Making Memories.

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-Let me introduce you to the Slice, the revolutionary handheld digital cutting machine. Measuring less than 5 inches square and weighing less than 2 pounds, the Slice redefines portability. It runs completely independently on rechargeable batteries. When the battery needs recharging, you can continue to use it plugged in. This little powerhouse can do it all and do it well. It has the equivalent of thousands of die cuts. The pattern card included with the Slice contains alphabets, words, shapes, frames, tags, photo corners, buttons, and more. Each design can be cut in up to 8 sizes. It's easy to select the shape and size you want and let the Slice take care of the rest. The Slice cuts on a glass mat with repositionable adhesive. It cuts all kinds of paper, cardstock, and photos. The easy-to-use graphical interface illustrates the shape you cut. You can choose from fonts or shapes clearly organized and navigated with intuitive buttons, then select whatever size you want from half-inch to 4-inch increments. Once you have selected your shape and size, the blade drives to the indicated position. The Slice can cut any size media. You don't have to prepare or cut your paper. You can use a small piece or a 12 X 12-inch, or any size you want, and you decide exactly where to place it. The basic Slice kit includes a 6 X 6-inch cutting mat, 5 cutting blades, and a light repositionable adhesive. The Slice is truly a portable little computerized cutter. It has revolutionized paper cutting.