Brother Quattro: Embroidery

Learn about the amazing embroidery features on the NEW Brother Quattro and see why it's called the Dream Machine.

-Unleash your creativity with the power of the Quattro. Hi, I'm Beth and I'm here with June Mellinger, the director of Education for Brother and she's here to tell us a little bit about the embroidery features that are so new and exciting on this Brother machine. How are you doing today June? -You know, I'm doing great. -Great. -We talked about embroidery features and you know people can embroider, they can embroider on the sewing if you will, sewing side of the machine, as well as on the embroidery side of the machine, but what's most important to people is the perfection. Staying really on task if you will or following a line of where they are sewing and then where they're adding the decorative embroidery as well. And the challenge that a lot of people have always had over the years was, how do you follow a straight line. Oh, can I follow a straight line? Well we solve one problem with the [unk] feature, but now I can take my fabric and put it in the embroidery hoop and I could select some decorative stitches and an embroidery pattern with the word mom---- -Okay. -is from the embroidery set, I can combine them together. Now when I created this originally, it actually had 88 different thread colors. So, I just switch the button to make it monochromatic and now it created this entire design with one start and stop of the machine. -Oh, so you can edit your designs and stitching and anything right on the machine? -Right on the front of the machine. It's so easy. I can add designs, I can take away designs, I can combine, lets say Beth or I can make it longer because you told me your true name was Bethany---- -Yes. -So I can do Bethany in an arch. So, it's really very cool the different things that I can do with my machine and I could multiply them. This was just one star, but I said, lets just multiply the stars across the machine. -Okay. -So there lots of different things that you can do. It's kinda like having a computer in the machine. -Yeah. Is that where the designs come from then? -The designs come from---- -In there? -there are lots of built-in designs---- -Oh great. -in the machine, there is certainly lots of decorative stitches built in and you know you can sew in 8 different directions and then on the embroidery side, there are just 100s of built in embroidery patterns---- -Okay. -In fact didn't you tell me you had some favorites? -Yeah, I'm a really big fan of Mickey. -Well, I brought Tink because I just think she's adorable. -Very cute. -She's built in to the machine. -Okay. -Why don't you hold her. -Alright. -Because I also brought along---- -So cute. -Mickey because I know---- -Oh my favorite. -you like Mickey. -Yes. -So these designs are built in to the machine. Lots of Pixar design plus some beautiful vintage and lace work and quilting designs---- -Oh okay. -because we have a great quilting hoop. And today, a lot of people are into connections, connectivity as we say in the sewing world. Well, the Quattro has different types of connectivity. I have one cable here that will have a USB direct connect from the machine into my computer so I can store---- -Oh okay. -some extra designs over there. Maybe I have a pen drive or a USB stick, I can also put that into the one of the USB slots on the machine. I can also have my memory cards where I keep lots of different designs---- -Okay. -I like mine from Brother. They go here into the reader box that also uses the USB port. -So---- -Okay. -in speeds we talked about rendering I think. -Yeah. When you change those designs, like does that take a long time to do? -No, no, no, no. in fact---- -In fact. -we already got the embroidery on---- on the machine. -Okay. -And we've got the embroidery foot attached to the machine. So---- and we would do that edge sewing and that sewing, but you know today we'll gonna work over---- move over to embroidery. So, I'm going to press this little house icon up at the top of the screen. -Okay. -Look at that, what it's got---- sewing, embroidery, embroidery edit, Disney. -Okay. -So they're all here and built in to the machine. So, were gonna press the embroidery edit icon and now that information is coming up on the screen of our machine and its going to move the embroidery unit, kinda repositioned everything on the X and Y axis and now all of the designs that are in the machine including greek alphabet, geisha, or kanji designs and all different things, it's fun and were all built in to the machine. -Okay. -You were telling me a little bit about this snowman. -Right. -What's a snowman? -Well we've got this snowman guy going down---- -Alright. -and he is so cool. He is another use of the InnovEye technology. -Okay. -Because you know, its really important when you are embroidering, everybody wants to be sure that they get the flower exactly where it needs to be on the shirt. -Yeah. You don't want it turned out crooked. -Uh huh. So that would not be a good thing. -No. -Because people will always come up to you and go oh you made your blouse, it's a little crooked. So, what I would do is I'm going to select the fonts, one of the fonts---- -Okay. -that are built in to the machine, its coming up, its quick, the rendering is right there and I'm going to select your initials---- -Alright. -B and P. And on the screen of my machine, they sure look like they're running in a straight line and I have everything in the hoop here and you know I've got it---- I've taken my luggage tag here and I premarked it with a line with white chalk and then I put my snowman positioning stick it right on that area. -So, that's where we want---- -It should be centered---- -the design. -that's where you want that design. -Okay. -Right? Right on the money. -Yup. -So then I have my embroidery hoop and then the next point would be to just take that and put it on there and you know, if you hit my arm, why did you do this. -Oh, I know, I'm a klutz. -We're teasing. But now I'm ready to slide this 4 x 4 embroidery hoop on to the embroidery arm and I've selected my B and my P and then I'm going to sewing, waiting for it to turn---- get everything organized and now there's a snowman. -Oh yeah, there's the little snowman. -See---- -icon there. -isn't it cute? -Yeah. -And I would say I want to select the area where that snowman is and I'm going to say he's in the lowest right-handed quadrant. So, I select that area, I scan the carriage of the embroidery. I'm just kinda move around a little bit because the camera is---- had a focusing looking for that snowman. Once it determines where the snowman is going to embroider best, it then takes the picture, snaps it, recognizes it, and it says happy---- -Oh well. -little happy smile. -Right there. -And take this embroidery sticker off and remember when we were joking around and I said "do you hit my arm?" -Uh huh. -Well when we look at the screen of the machine over here, remember I said the P was straight? -Yup. -Uh, uh not anymore. -Oh you adjusted it. -It adjusted it. -Yeah, wow. -So the next part of this is simply to begin sewing. So, all you have to do is hit that green button again. -Alright. -And you and I can continue having some more good chatting here about the different features of the machine while this embroiders. -Look how that go. And there it goes. Wow. Okay. -It's really very cool. -It is. Well I can see there is so many different things that you can do with this machine. -Right. -And I just don't know if we have time to talk about anymore do we? -I don't think so. -But---- -But you know, I did want to give you this great luggage tag---- -Oh, alright. -and it's going---- it's just like---- -There's our finish one. -just like we're working on. -Perfect. -Go ahead and you see it's straight. She's not---- the B and the P are not angled at all. It's straight down there. -Basically on there. Great. Well thank you June so much for telling us about the Brother machine and I just cant wait to give this a try. It looks like so much fun. -I know you'll gonna love it.