Brother Quattro

"Watch a demo of the NEW Brother Quattro and see why it's called the Dream Machine."

-Crafts, sew, quilt, and embroider. You can do it all with this one versatile and state-of-the-art tool, the Brother Quattro Machine. Hi, I'm Beth and I'm here today with June Mellinger, and she is the Director of Education for Brother. How are you doing today June? -I'm doing great, Beth. It's really great to be with you in a most beautiful day. -Let's get started. Tell me about the work space? -It's huge. It's over 50 square inches of work space. Now that's really, really cool. I was working on this quilt and I said, you know, you can have enough work space. And look at it, you can just put the biggest quilt that you have. -Yeah. -And a machine like this even has a pivot function; so when I press the stop button, the presser foot comes up, the needle goes down, and I can just twist and turn. -That's great! No more jamming your project up under there and getting it all odd angles. -Ah, no more. No more. No. -Yeah. -It's over. -It's perfect. -It's over. We taking that---- We've given you lots of solutions for challenges that you have. -Great. So, tell me a little bit more about the embroidery. -Well, you know, embroidery. Lots of people say to us. We used to---- We started out with 4 inches X 4 inches, and then they said "Can you get it larger? Larger? Larger?" So we said, okay sure. We can get it larger. So now, we're up to a size that's like this. -Wow! -It's 8 inches X 12 inches. Everything can happen---- -It's huge! - ----within that work area. No more repositioning. Everything is right there in that huge work area. And it's easy to slip the embroidery arm off and on at the hoop if you will---- off and on to the embroidery arm. It's simple. -Great! I can't help but notice this large screen over here. Tell me about that. -Well, you know, sewing and embroidery machines certainly have come a long way from nothing on the front of the machine, and now we've created this huge screen. -And I can see it from standing over here and at any angle too. -Any angle. And that used to be a challenge for people like you and I to talk about what we were working on with our sewing machine. Now, we can stand at a variety of angles and we both can see the clarity of the screen. -That's great! So, I understand you can use the screen too to see what you're sewing. Is that right? -So we've taken the technology from sewing machines and transitioned it, if you will, over 100 years to the point today that we have InnovEye Technology. So, all I have to do is press that picture of the sewing machine with the magnifying glass and guess what, it just enacted the InnovEye Technology. And now, you can see exactly what the work area will look like. And I have another button called needle drop position, so that the angle of the needle drop position---- See how we got a green cursor---- -Oh yeah. - ----on the sewing machine? -So that's where the needle is gonna drop. -That's exactly where the needle is going to penetrate. -Perfect. -Remember that instruction book that we talked about earlier. -Yeah, a little light reading. -Light reading. Aya-yay! Lots of stuff that we wanna learn about using our machine. But a lot of this information is already in the machine. -That's great. -So, I can select the stitch for sewing on a button or I can select the stitch for creating a button hole. Anything I need to do. The information about that is in the machine and there's over---- I think it's either 11 or 12 movies built into the machine. So if you forget how to do the blind hand stitch, watch a movie. -So, I've noticed some lighting here. Tell me a little bit about that. -This machine has 8 light bulbs in it, if you will, and so that increases our viewing range to over 10 inches of brightness. And there are 5 levels of light with like 56 lumens of lighting. -Wow! -It's kind of like a museum quality lighting even. -June, thank you so much for coming today and hopefully you can stop by for another Tool School session or we can go a little deeper into the Brother Quattro's capabilities. I've had a great time and I think I'm ready to give this a try. -I bet you are. -Yeah.