Hinterberg Summit Frame

Take a tour of the beautiful and functional longarm quilting system from Hinterberg Design.

-Hi, I'm Beth and this is the beautiful and functional longarm quilting system from Hinterberg design and right away you can see that this frame looks different and it is. The sturdy Summit frame is built from gorgeous white ash hardwood and looks more like an heirloom than a hardworking piece of advanced engineering, but that's exactly what this is. Hinterberg has more than 25 years of quilting and manufacturing experience and its all been designed into this incredible and easy to use quilting package. Now all your controls are really easy to reach. They're place at the front of the frame, so you don't have to waste your time walking back and forth or you're struggling to reach something that's a little too far away. For instance, we thought this great handle right here and this easily raises and lowers your rear roller. Another great feature is this hand wheel. This is what you turn to advance your quilt and it is so easy to turn, just---- you can do it one handed. No struggling to advance that at all. And you get a nice tight surface to work on. The frames metal [unk] wheels give you really precise tensioning on your quilt and its design in small increments, so you can get really great control over that tension. The rollers are design to be removed very easily, which makes loading your quilt so much faster. One of the most important components is of course the steel carriage. Now, this is what lets you travel along your quilt. We've got a really nice smooth ride here and it's because of the ball bearings and rubber cushioning. It really hugs the rails as you're moving along. The great thing about the smooth ride too is you get to do really precise quilting; you can do really precise movements and you won't get as tired while you're quilting. Now, we've already talked about some of the benefits of the quick change roller system, but I wanna share a few more with you. So we've got this really easy to move this front roller up and just turn these handles and lift this up. And now you can---- you know smooth our your batting, add a little more batting if you wanna do some trapunto, maybe clean up some stray threads. Now, another great thing is you can switch from the in-the-well quilting system to the over-the-top really easily. So, we just pull our pins out of here. I'm gonna set those there for now. We're just gonna move this over here, just hold it there for a second and we're gonna move this one. Right. And then we'll move the pink fabric down. And there you go, you're all set to do your over the top quilting and get right back to quilting. Now, if I want to use a laser pointer or a stilus with a template, I would walk around to the rear of the machine and you can see on this frame there is just a lot of design area for you to work with. The Summit frame gives you so much flexibility. It's compatible with every machine on the market. You can also use any stitch regulator or computerize product other there, like Q-Bot and Quilt Motion and best of all the Summit is priced lower than other frames with comparable features. So, if you're looking for a great value with the highest quality components and a great design that looks great too, take a look at this Summit from Hinterberg design.