Quilt Market: Clever Quilt Hangers

Hang your projects more easily with these products our editors spotted at Quilt Market spring 2007.

-Either for the quilt show or to decorate your walls, you need ways to hang your quilt. Look at these great options. -Hi, I'm Kathy Musalem with Hang Your Art and I developed several hanging systems for the quilt industry. Our first one is our invisible hanging system. We have 2 options to handle all your needs. It hangs any shape, any size of quilt with a locking standoff, simply screws into your choice slot of wood for traditional quilts. You can hold it into any shape to get different shapes. If you wanna achieve an angle, you can simply rotate your bracket. In 5 seconds, hold on to your angle . You do not wanna put a hole on your sleek, but you do with the locking stand on, then you wanna use the green box just designed for large quilts. You are going to attach your standoffs to either side of your . It doesn't matter if your quilt is 2 feet or 120 inches, the green box can handle any size. Over here, we have our new collapsible rods. We use 18-inch rods. Attach them together to get your width. It's a seamless mounting design. You can see no screws on the wall. You can slip this screw. You can bracket it into the walls, slip your masking in there. No screw showing. The beauty about this system too is you need to decide what screw, depending on what you wanna have. There are 2 options, the sides or on the front, so again any standard caps and will work, and you're gonna change your color and your style and that showed us our product. Thank you very much, bye. -Hi, my name is Terry Collin. My company is T Collin Company. Our product is hanger. This is our product in the package. This is our product with any package, and all you're going to do is you're going to roll out the amount of the hook sleeve that you need. Usually cut it about 1 inch plus the width of your quilt You're going to hang it on half or in the fashion that you're accustomed to. Attach it with the bottom on the top. Once the rod is inserted, the plaid is open; it allows the front of the quilt to hang perfectly flat, makes it really nice for presentation especially for judging your quilts. You have quilts when going into shop if you wanna hang it on a shop. It's wonderful for that. Your customers will see how easy it is to loosen and how nice it is.