Quilt Market: Specialty Threads

When you want to create something out of the ordinary, try these specialty threads seen at International Quilt Market spring 2007

-The right weight, style, and color of threads will help your handwork projects look their best. Wonderful threads are fabulous for stitching and embellishing. -Hi, my name is Daniela and I'm with Valdani Inc. We are thread manufacturing company. We manufactured threads of all kinds. We specialized in the Hand Over-Dyed threads. We have a 6-strand floss over here and this is the normal 6-strand. We also carry the 3-strand floss. All our products are colorfast. They are manufactured in Romania in [unk] over there. We have Perle Cotton size 12. We carry Perle Cotton in 3 different sizes: size 12, size 8, and size 5. Our best selling product is the Vintage Hues Sampler Collection design by Jacqueline Paton. -Hi, I'm Kelsey [unk] with Aurifil. We are based on Milan. It's a 50% acrylic, 50% Australian wool. And it's mainly used for hand applique. It's available in 216 colors including the variegated in size 12wt. It's very thick, very strong. -My name is Jane Garrison, director of education for YLI Corporation in Rock Hill, South Carolina. We were talking today about Fine Metallic Thread. Our Fine Metallic is a thread that was developed for high speed embroidery market. It's very fine, very smooth, very silky metallic. It's available in 21 different colors. The Fine Metallic works beautifully with a machine embroidery needle or a machine quilting needle. It does not need a metallic needle because it's a round thread versus a flat thread. Works with machine quilting. It's available on 100 yard, 500 yard, 1000 yard spools or cuts.