Market Favorite Finds

Quilt Market Favorite Finds

A collection of products from International Quilt Market spring 2007 that our editors thought were too fun to pass up.

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-These products are just too good to pass up. -My name is DeNiece Herrod, and this is DeNiece's Designs and the fabric organizer which I designed. So, I'll just give you a little demonstration. Fabric comes on the bolt at 22 inches, and quilters take it off and fold it down to 11. So we might as well and go ahead and start there. Lift the 2 tabs here. The large board will do half yard minimums. I've put up to 10 yards. Because there is a little bit of thickness here, you're not gonna have the creasing. It's 10 inches across, so you can easily determine 10, 20, 30----however much fabric you already have. It's acid-free corrugated plastic, so it's not gonna wear out; fits on a standard-sized book case. It---- we have one for fab cut which you'll just layer them right on there. Both of these fit in Rubbermaid containers. This fits in the one, the big tall one that's clear and you can see right through it. And this one fits in the---- under the bed, you know, so you can hide it. Because the fabric is already folded at 11 inches, if you need something off of it, you just open it and cut off what you need, put it right back in your stash. -My name is Liz Hawkins and this is the Cre8ive pattern. And, this is our "Someone To Watch Over Me" quilt. It's a photo memory quilt. It's a quilter's answer to scrapbooking. I don't have time to scrapbook, and so this is---- and what we do, we take our Photo Suite and print it on to a fabric. We use printed treasures normally. This is my partner's mantle, and these are her grandmother, and her mother, and her sister. And so, it's 3 generations of women in her family. So, it's kinda fun, and we called it "Someone To Watch Over Me" 'cause it's her---- all these generations watching over her. It's kind of vintage, something like the vintage look. And when you're working on the computer, you can do so many different things with the pictures and making them---- use them just how they are or make them vintage looking. Someone told us today that they used somebody else's ancestors for a quilt to match [unk]. They just wanted vintage. -Yes? -Lay the fabric on your hand wrong side up. -Okay. -Lay the disk on the top of quilt, the dull side out. Now, one of these lines has to match up with one of these little nubs, and you just snap that disk right in the center there. You're gonna use a double thread with a knot in it. We have to circle in here, and it doesn't have to be a circle. It can be any scrap of fabric, and you can trim it after it's in the [unk]. This is a wonderful scissor to use to do that. You just cut around. What you're gonna do is you're gonna hold down the fabric with your finger, and you're gonna come up on side of that slot, and you're gonna go down the other side and go all the way around. -You would---- Oh, okay. I'm Iris Karp. My product is MistyFuse. It's the lightest sheer fusible out there. We've taken pure fusible and spun it into the lightest possible web we could without sacrificing any strength or changing the hand of the fabric. So, it's strong to the touch. It's also gonna be strong in the hold, it's gonna bond your fabrics. Things are not gonna come off. I just have all these things are raw edge appliqud, and they're down there. They're not coming off. The way----instead of using with patterns, they can do, they can take their pattern. They can trace off just as we've done here with pencil. Trace off your design. They're working forward now, no longer need to reverse. Put the fusible over that. Put your fabric on top of that and iron it. Cover it up with the parchment. When you---- after you've ironed it and you take it off, the fuse will melt. It will actually lift the graphite off. This is a release paper. It's a wonderful release paper. The graphite will take it. So and then, you just need to cut that out, put it on top of whatever you're doing, iron it, and it's going to stick.