Quilt Pink... Quilts that warm the heart

Quilt Pink united thousands of quilters who lovingly stitched together quilts. From blankets to wall art, these quilts make great gifts for friends and family while supporting a cause. Log on today and bid on spectacular quilts ebay.com/quiltpink

-These beautiful quilts are all handmade, the product of Quilt Pink, an annual event sponsored by American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine to raise money for breast cancer research. -Through Quilt Pink Day, American Patchwork and Quilting has created the largest unified quilting event in support of breast cancer research. We invited quilt shops across the country and around the world to host the Quilt Pink Day event in which they created quilt blocks, which were then turned in the handmade amazing quilts, which we're auctioning off on eBay and all net proceeds go to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure. -This October. The special designer quilts will be included in the Quilt Pink Auction. Each was designed by a superstar of the quilting world, renowned quilters and fabric artists like Pat Sloan, Janet Brandt, and Terry Atkinson. A number of the quilts will be showcased in the special soft cover book. It's called Quilt Pink----Helping Fight Breast Cancer One Stitch at a Time----inside, the heartwarming stories of the quilts and the quilters who crafted them. There's a gallery of more than 10 beautifully photographed quilts for inspiration and patterns for projects created from the 2007 Quilt Pink event. -I actually come from a family of women. I am one of three sisters. My mom is one of three sisters and my grandma is one of three sisters and, unfortunately, some of us have been affected by breast cancer, so I know that there are things that we can do against this. Everyone who helped Quilt Pink whether they are the shop owners or people who attended at Quilt Pink Day event or are great quilt designer friends who made special quilts for this event, they all mean so much and every little bit helps. -Getting to the auction is easy. This is what you do. Just go to your computer and type in this address. It's ebay.com/quiltpink, hit enter, and up will pop the Quilt Pink site where hundreds of handmade quilts are just waiting for your bid. Each quilt made by hand from the heart and each dollar raised another step toward the cure for breast cancer. I'm Kim Singer for Better TV.