an APQ Cover

Making an APQ Cover

Get an inside peek at how the staff of American Patchwork & Quilting created the October cover.

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-Every great selling cover starts with the quilt itself. We begin the October issue with a couple of Halloween-themed sketches from designer, Lila Scott. Here, we're meeting to sort through design ideas and fabric swatches picking the ones that we think will be our reader's favorites. Afterwards, Lila works up to Halloween-themed quilts and sends them to us in our [unk] offices. Our plan is to photograph both versions and then choose the ones that we think works best for the cover. -And does it look fabulous? We can't wait to see it on our cover. -In preparation for photography planning, we have someone scout out potential locations where we might do our cover shoot. We look at real homes, outdoor locations, and even consider our studio. Scouting photos in hand, we need to talk about how we want the quilt to appear on the cover. Although the quilt will be the star of the photo shoot, we still need props to show the quilt at its best. -Headed to go to in your props in the front room. -For that, we head to the amazing tangle of rooms, shelves, and goodies that comprise our studio prop department. We can find just about anything that will need here from chairs to pumpkins, to baskets or even tableware. At the shoot, we'll try each quilt in a couple of different settings, carefully arranging it so that it shows the most inspiring angle. Using modern digital photography equipment, we can see our shots immediately and adjust them on set. Back in the office, our art director sorts through all the digital photographs and picks a couple that she thinks have the most potential. She adds blurbs written by our editors to create a whole package that will grab reader's attention. -That shows up a little up better. I do like that. -Yeah. Then it's time to involve our co-workers and managers at a meeting where we discuss each cover option, its pros and its cons. Based on that meeting, we'll make adjustments. Scooching over here, trying a new color there until everyone is convinced that we have a winner. -What you got? -I have the APQ October cover. -Oh, beautiful! -Then about 8 weeks before the issue goes on sale, it's off to the printer to marry our fantastic cover with the terrific insights of the magazine coming soon to a quilt shop or news stand near you.