Scrap Those Scraps!

Everyone has them¿piles of scraps from paper, stickers, rub-ons, and other embellishments that they just aren't sure what to do with. In this class, you¿ll learn some fun and creative ways to use up those items and make beautiful pages in the process

Hello, and welcome to Scrap Those Scraps. My name is Christie Thompson and I am your instructor for this class. The idea from this class came because, like many of you I'm always stuck at the end of a project with a ton of scraps left over. From paper scraps to rub ons to stickers---- I just got a lot of stuff. And I don't always know if I'm going to use them again or where I should store them. So, this class gives a lot ideas on how to use them creatively, how to store them and how to alter them for your needs if they're not exactly what you want for another project. So, welcome to this class and let's get started. The first thing we're going to make is a ribbon flower. I'm---- we're using scrap cardstock, a flower template and rub on scraps to create this really cute personalized flower. First thing that you want to do is trace your flower on to your scrap cardstock. I use Making Memories template; it's a negative shape to one of the shapes that came in my pack of chip board. So one you trace your flower on to your cardstock, you're going to take rub ons and you're just going to rub them all across the flower and you can tell that I used some vertically some horizontally, and I even have some that are upside down. So, there's really no rhyme or reason to it. And keep in mind that you can use any type of rub on here, I used all family themed and all in black. You could use different words that don't necessarily go together. You could also use different colors to create a color scheme for your layout. So, the next step is just to cut your flower out and then you're going to create this cute little with it. I'm not going to go through the step by step instructions on how to create the actual product---- project. You're going to find that throughout this entire class we create several projects, but your PDF does give full instructions on how to create the projects and the sizes and the dimensions of the projects. So, the first step in our heart rub on is to create the base of your layout. So, just cut your papers and your picture and get to that point. And then you're going to print and cut out the heart template that I provided for you. Now this is going to be a negative shape, so keep that in mind when you're cutting that out, like you're not actually using the true shape of the heart, you're using the negative shape of the heart. And easy way to do that is to cut a square around your heart first and then take a hole punch and punch in to the middle of the heart, put your scissors through and then cut your heart out. So, then you still have your true negative shape. Once you have that, you're going to lay that down on your page and I use removable tape, just around the edges to keep it in place while I'm working on my project. And then you're going to take your rub ons and I just started rubbing them on all across the heart. You can tell here that I overlapped the edges of the heart onto the actual template, which is what you want to do because you want to bring the rub ons out as much as possible to the edge of your design. So, when you remove it, you've got a true shape of the heart. I also overlapped rub ons, I didn't try and just keep them separate, because I knew that by overlapping them I'd be able to have a---- fill up the heart a lot more. And now you can see here that once I removed it, it left this really just clean cut shape. So, to basically make a clean cut between the rub ons from surface to surface, I just took a needle and I went gently around the inside edge of my heart template, and it just cut the rub ons off so when I removed them I had this nice clean cut. This page was really fast and easy. And the biggest bang on this page is the heart by far, it just gives a lot of punch. So, you can tell that using your left over rub ons really goes a long way on your pages. The third project we're going to make in section 1 is ribbon heart. And to create this project I'm using the same heart template that I used in our last project, I'm using cardstock and I'm also just using scrap ribbon. Scrap ribbon is what I consider basically ribbon that's too small for me to tie, like through a hole or on to the end of a tack or something like that. It's just too short to tie through. So, use a scrap piece of cardstock, and then I took my ribbon strips and just laid them one after another, kind of overlapping them here and there, onto the right side of the cardstock. Then I flipped my cardstock over and used the hearts template and actually traced the heart on the back of the paper. You're going to cut your heart shape out and you end up with a really cute ribbon heart. The negative space that you get when you cut out your ribbon heart is just as cute as the heart that you cut out, and could totally be used for another project or a card. I know I would use it and by adding just a few small embellishments to it, it could be really cute on your page. And then I used it to decorate a small card. Again, the instructions are in your PDF, but just by using some small scraps of paper and a small rub on title, I was able to create this cute and simple card and it's got a lot of punch to it. Okay, the next thing and last thing in this section 1 is a sticker star. I used left over alphabet and number stickers for your 8, a theme shape. And I also used again a template to help create this shape as well. First thing I did is took my star shape and traced it on to cardstock. Again you can create your own star shape or use a template from any kind of stencil template. Then I took my numbers and with no rhyme or reason I just put them on to my star, I didn't really try and get them close together. I space them a little bit and I also overlapped the edges knowing that they'd be cut off later, but it's a cute idea so don't worry about, you know, sometimes you can over think things and this is one thing that you could probably over think. Just put them down there and just go. Another fun idea would be to mix different styles of numbers, like different fonts. As well as mixing colors. You're going to cut your star out and you've ended up with making this cute little project. After I cut my star out I sowed around the inside edge of the star, because I thought it gave it a little more dimension. And this one was just a cute little type that I made, but I think this would be fun on a [unk] as well. As with all scraps, the more we see them the more likely are to use them. So, first I'm going to give you a tip on keeping your rub ons from coming apart. A lot of times when we use rub ons the sheets come in a whole shape, so if you needed a certain alphabet letter or if you want a certain image, you've got to cut through your rub on sheet to get to that particular item that you want. And you're left with a bunch of little pieces that have been cut off from your rub on sheet. Instead of letting them go to waste, what you can do is make sure that you keep the backing on it and staple the backing to the actual rub on sheet. And that keeps them in place and makes it so it doesn't move and also ensures that your rub ons don't get damaged. The second idea is to use 3 ring binders and page protectors to store your embellishments and your paper. And then you can buy the pretty inexpensive page protectors as well. The best way to organize the inside of a binder is to create sections. So, you've got your rub on section and your sticker section and ribbon and other embellishments. But this way, you can take the binder---- basically you can take the binder with you to craft; a really great thing just to grab and stick in to your craft bag. The last one is to store scrap ribbon, where you can keep an eye on it. Besides using the binders you can also use jars. I know, just for me in general I use jars to hold all of my ribbon because I like the way it looks. It's really cute, but I also have a specific jar that's just for scrap ribbon. So, the pieces in there are always 2 inches or smaller. And there's lots of different colors, but actually that makes it easier for me to see what I have in there and come up with full color combinations based on the ribbons that I have. So, this is simple shapes in section 2 and this is just suing some paper scraps that are 2 inches or smaller. And then a star chipboard shape that I have from Making Memories chipboard pack. Okay the first thing that you want to do is turn your pattern paper over, and you're going to be tracing the stars onto the backside of your pattern paper. Once you have them traced, you're going to cut them out and---- I use different sizes of stars just to add a little more interest to my layout, and you'll see that here in just a minute. To finish, we're going to use the star shapes on the layout. I create this layout, it's just a really fun quick layout. The star shapes were actually the only pattern paper that I used on the layout. This project was used just creating scrap paper, a stencil heart shaped template, and some scissors. And these stencil heart shaped templates can be found pretty much at any craft store. You know, you've seen them in the craft section there actually, used for stenciling. But I like to use them for doing paper piecing on my layouts as well. Okay, our first step is to trace our hearts and I would trace them on the backside of your paper and then cut them out. And then to give the outline shape you want to punch into the middle of your shape with a hole punch because it creates a cleaner cut. And then just stick your scissors in where you made the hole punch and cut around to your outline shape. You can make your outlines as thick or as thin as you want, and just kind of play around with it, that's the cool thing about scrap papers, you can't really mess it up. Once your hearts are cut out, I use them to create this cute little card tag. I think these hearts would be super cute on a layout though. The last thing that we're going to make in this section are layered shapes. This is just using 1 inch and 2 inch square paper scraps. And we're going to be making really cute flowers that have more of a store bought look to them, so they're kind of fun. So, first thing you want to do is cut 1 inch and 2 inch squares, and you want to fold them in half. And then you're going to fold them in half again. I used lightweight paper, non cardstock paper, just because I think it's easier. You can use anything you want, but also keep in mind that you might want to use double sided paper, because you will see the backside of this project and so, using double sided paper keeps it more finished and polished look. To start the cutting process you're actually going to start on the opposite but adjoining side of the folded side. And curve up to create one side of your petal. You can tell where the fold was and obviously I didn't come all the way in on that one side. If I would have come all the way in and went from point to point, my flower would have fell apart because there's nothing in the center to hold it together. Our last step is to curl the petals on our flowers. To do this you want to use a round pen or some other really small round object that has a small diameter. And the smaller your diameter, the tighter your curl is going to be. But you're going to curl your bottom flower---- the petals backwards and the top flower you're going to curl the petals forwards. So, our last step is just to layer the two petals of flowers on top of each other, and then secure them at the top with a button. You can use anything, you can use metal buttons, brads or gems for the centers, anything that's pretty much round or even a smaller square item would be really cute in the centers of these. Another tip before you stick your petals together or even actually curl your petals, it would be really cool to sow around the edges of the petals. Okay, and to our second bit of bonus tips. I'm going to give you some ideas on how to alter your scraps. Changing the color of your scraps with stamp ink is a really fast---- a no mess way to alter your scraps. Basically you can dab or drag your ink pack directly on to lighter colored rub ons, or even stickers to change the color or shade. It gives a more transparent look versus if you were to use paint. Another idea is to use dyes or paints to alter your colors. I love the paint dabbers by ranger, they're awesome. There's no mess. You take off the cap, you push the bottle down and the paint comes out and then put the cap back on and you're done. Another one is using rit dye on your paper and your ribbon. And the best way to use rit dye is to put it into a bowl and add some water to it. I also like to add a little bit of salt, because salt helps fabrics in general to absorb dye better. So, the same goes for ribbon and for paper. Tools can also be used for your products to give them more retro looks or shabbier vintage feel. Using a paper [unk] on your paper, your stickers and your dye cuts is a great way to get that retro feel to your products. As many of you know using sand paper or a metal Bristol brush across the top of paper or products such as stickers and chipboard shapes, or even buttons, gives them kind of an edgy or a vintagey look. And then decorative scissors of course, they're so popular right now and not just for use on paper and pictures but also on embellishments as well. You know as [unk] scrap on your pages really go a long way for creating big punches. And I know that's kind of clich but it's really true. You're going to find out in the next couple of projects and layouts that you see really what a difference a small amount of scraps make on these pages. Okay, so the first thing that we're going to make is an alphabet border. The one thing I love about this is there's actually---- when you see it on a layout there's no rhyme or reason for the letters, but it looks really cute. And it just gives a funky look to the layout. So, the first thing you want to do is cut a piece of cardstock, again this cardstock is about 8 1/2 by 4 inches wide, because the layout that I created with it is only a 9 by 9 layout. And you're just going to take those letter stickers and if you're picky and want them to really line up---- you can tell I don't, but if you want yours to line up just use a ruler and lay it down across the page and then adhere your stickers to---- you can tell here that I used both upper case and lower case, and there wasn't really any rhyme or reason to where those were placed. It was just based on the stickers that I had left. And I even threw a V in there because I ran out of XYZ stickers. Okay, so to finish it off, you're just going to basically cut down your border to the size you want it, here I cut off about an inch. You can tell on the X and the Z on each ends I cut them off just a little bit. And then I cut down the bottom side with decorative scissors. And I didn't use it traditionally; I turned it on its side. You could even turn it upside, I mean honestly, get creative and pretty much do whatever you want. I love ribbon and I have a lot of it. But what frustrates me more than anything is when I have favorite pieces of ribbon and then I get to where there's just a teeny bit of it and I can't use it for anything else. And so this layout was actually inspired by the ribbon that you see on the page. And all of these ribbons are 1 inch or shorter in size. Too small to really do anything else with, but small enough and perfect for this type of layout. Okay, so the first thing that you want to do is put your paper in the base of your layout together and the instructions for this are in your PDF, but I want you to keep in mind that I actually picked out the ribbon first because I had all of that ribbon as scraps. And then I dug through my paper scraps and actually found this paper that matched my ribbon. So, the next thing that I did is I just layered my ribbon all the way down the side of my picture. Of course I left a little bit of space at the top and the bottom. Then I stapled all the ribbons together just to give it a funkier look, because I really like to staple my ribbons. And then to complete the layout I just added some simple stamps, a rub on and some journaling, and I have a really cute simple layout. Okay, now we're going to talk about negative backgrounds. All of us have sticker backgrounds, the negative [unk] stickers. I mean, all of us do and we never even think twice about using them, we just tuck them, put them in the garbage. So, these are some ideas and ways that we can use those negative backgrounds. First thing that you want to do is lay your negative sheet directly on to your cardstock that your layout is going to be on. Sometimes the stickiness of the stickers is just too much, because when you go to pull it off it might rip your paper. So, if you want to---- you still want it have tacky because it helps keep the thing in place when you're working on it, but if you will lightly put maybe baby powder over it, or just work it on to the back of your hand a few times it'll take the tackiness of the sticker off just a little bit. So, once you lay it on to the page, another tip that you want to do is tape down the edges of your sticker, so that when you're painting you don't get paint beyond your sticker page. And then just go to town, I just use a film brush and a little bit of paint and I do what's kind of more of a stenciling look. Just because I don't want a ton of ink on there, because I don't want it to be bleed underneath my sticker. And there we go. And you can see here that all I really needed, because this was such a cute background paper, was a picture, a few simple embellishments and some ribbon. And to do my journaling because I still wanted to have the effect of the numbers underneath I actually stamped my journaling block on to a transparency and then put the transparency behind the picture. so, transparency is actually considered part of the background paper as well. Well, thanks for coming to my class. I hope you had a great time taking it and I hope I really hope that you learned something. I always like to teach classes where you walk away thinking, you know, I left smarter than I came. I hope you have a great day and I truly appreciate you spending your precious time with me and happy scrapbooking.