Tool Time... Johanna Peterson

Cast designer Johanna Peterson shares how we can become craft ¿MacGyvers¿ like her as she creates fun layouts using tools made especially for scrapbookers.

-Hi, welcome to Scrapbook Lifestyle. I'm Johanna Paterson. -And I'm Angela Daniels. -And I'm Donna Salazar. -So, I'm kind of known as the McGuyver around Scrapbook Lifestyle. And I'm going to talk about a few tools that I really like. And when I have tools I kind of think about what they can do, but maybe what else they can do. So, one of my favorite tools is the cropadile. And it sets islets and we all know that, but did you know how nicely it goes through wood, or chipboard? -I haven't tried it. -Okay. Here, try---- -Punching the hole with that first. -Oh me. Thanks. -Would you be really impressed if I did it? -I know, it just won't---- -It's not gonna happen. -it won't work. -It just dented it. -Barely. -So, now watch this; like just. -Nice. -It didn't split the wood. It's really nice so you want to try that. And then here Donna, try and pop a hole through the chipboard with the 8 inch hole punch. Nice. -That is cool. -First you give us the---- -You can do it. -but it's like so hard. You were like shaking---- -I really did it. -And now watch this. This is like butter. -Now this is why I bought a cropadile and I never---- oh yeah. -Yeah. -You didn't even hear it [unk]. -It's just like kapow. -That is really nice. -So, this is---- there's the little X. -And that. -And there's that. And then on this layout I used a craft stick, or---- you know kinda looks like a time depressor. And I popped 2 holes with the cropadile. I just love this. -I like that you're---- you're known as McGuyver because you're at the hardware store, shopping for [unk] supplies, but these you can really buy in a scrapbook store---- -Same for you. -It's just---- I think people think, oh it's an 8 inch hole punch; and then you have the little slightly the 316's---- -Which is what I've used it for mostly. -but it just goes through things so easy. -I've actually used it to go through metal. -Okay. -And it goes through metal. -Because it's like curved. So, there's that and then the next thing I wanted to talk about was; using this soldering iron you can always solder with it and you know, but it also embosses. -Okay that's cool. -So, here's an example of---- I made dots like the lizard. -That's cute. Nice texture. -Now how did you do that though? -I'll show you. -Okay. -I'll show you. And this one---- -And wait there's more. -I did. -Still to come. -Oh that's cute. -But wait, with your order---- little sprinkles coming out of the picture. -Oh that's cute. -So, if you're trying to emboss on something that maybe will melt or will get all warped---- -Just like that, yeah. -The vellum doesn't like being heat embossed, you use this. It's really fun. -[unk] it. -And this I did with the soldering iron. You can make lines and you can draw. -You made that? That's nice. -Yes. -No, that's glitter embossing powder. -We have soldering iron. -There you go, this is perfect. -And then I drew the flower. So---- -That is actually impressive. You really are McGuyver. -Yes, totally. So---- -Now if I gave you a gum wrapper, what would you do with that? -She'd make it into origami; little flower. -And then since I have so many tools another thing is I like to have something to---- -Carry them. -carry my tools with. So, I love this. -We thought you had a tool belt? -She made the tool belt. -It's at Home Depot. -We should make you a tool belt. -So, to do the embossing powder you just sprinkle it real thin---- -So, you don't even need any kind of adhesive [unk]---- -You don't need a stamp, or an adhesive or nothing. And then watch this. Like wherever you touch it. -Oh man, that's so neat. -I am so trying this. -And then here's a heart. And then kind of the slower you go the better? -Uh-huh. -Do you see? -Yeah. That is really cool. -And kind of the slower you go the better, and you can let it melt on there. -It's a cute little butterfly. -And then also the type of embossing powder you use. -That is really neat. -So, you can do whatever you want. You can make little lines or tic tac toe. This is actually a really fine embossing powder, so this is probably isn't the best for an example. -Did you use the ultra thick [unk]? -The ultra thick is really neat, but see how it just melts it wherever it is? -Yeah, it's like a little beed. -Is that neat? -And that looks like a metal [unk]---- -I am so trying that. -that's really cool. -And then---- so, I'll shake this off and you can kind of see; still smoking. Angela's like; not here. So, there's whatever's left of it. You kind of got to play around with it. -Right. -And make sure you soldering iron's really hot. And everything is okay. I have this little cleaning company package. And I was thinking of maybe doing something with it and, I wanted to maybe tie a ribbon through the lid and add a bell or a little charm to it. So, instead of using my dremel tool, which I really love---- -Of course. -in drilling and drilling, I am going to just burn a hole right through it. -Wow. -And it just---- -Oh that's so fast. -It goes right through. And then you just clean off the gunk. So, it's kind of---- -That's way fast. I was trying to think how you could do a cropadile, but it's curved so that works way easier. -Right. And then---- -[unk]. -so look at that. -Right. -And the nice thing is---- I mean, it didn't crack the lid---- -Right, yeah. -it was like zip. So, that's how I brought these. I made a tic tac toe board and what I did was I used the lids for the cleaning company containers, and I burned holes for the legs. So, I had to---- I did 5 spiders and I had to do, you know, 8 holes for each leg. -That's really cute. -And so I just went zip. So, onto my next tool; is the tagger tool. I love the tagger tool. When I was using the tagger tool I've used it in scrapbooking. But I also made this sweater using a tagger tool. -That is so cute. -I used the cleaning company sequent flowers. And I put them in there. And they don't come out in the wash. I washed it first to see---- -You burned and washed it? -yeah, I already washed it because I thought, well that would stink if I gave it to my daughter and then all the flowers fell off. -So, I can put my kids buttons back on their clothes and not even have to sow? -And it kind of shimmers so use like, short little tags and long tags. And it's just so fun. -I think that is super clever. -And then so I took the tag out of the sweater, and I added one of the junkets tags, it's for a girl. -Oh how cute, yes---- I have those, how funny. And I didn't even realize that was a scrapbooking tag. -And then I added a real---- I made a tag to you love mom. And this is another layout I did with the tagger tool. And I---- -Which is one of my favorite layouts you've made. -thank you. And I added the flowers here. And I added my journaling here. -Oh that's a good way to use your clear, you know, if you're going to use vellum or similar like that it's not going to And I'd---- -Exactly. And it doesn't take up a lot. -That is smart. -It's not like a big adhesive for---- -I didn't even---- I've seen this layout in Scrapbooks ETC magazine---- -I didn't even realize. -and I didn't see those. -So, I added a little patch and buttons---- -Oh that's so cute. -so, basically anything with a hole you can attach with your tagger tool. And so, anything like with a hole like this, you can attach. And if you want it to kind of hang and dangle like on a string, you use a longer tag. And if you want it short, you just have to push it all the way through and it's just like that. I mean, how nice and simple is that. And then---- -[unk] cute. -Around The Block they sell these. Like this little letter---- -Oh that's fine. Just to use with it. -and it has a little hook, so you can go and you can add that. And then I did the buttons and all you have to do with the buttons is make sure you find a button with large holes. -Big enough hole, yeah. -Like the doodle bug and a few of them have big holes, so you can attach those. Because those---- in American Crafts, I was looking I thought; oh I got to attach a button---- and look how cute. -Oh that is way cute. -Isn't that fun. -Yeah, that's cute and it's all---- look it, it spins. That's fun. -So, and if it's thin you can pop the hole because it's really sharp. You know, do you want to go through something too hard it'll probably bend the tip. So, love the tagger tool. So, the last tool I have is the Around The Block label maker. And it has different fonts. I brought the upper and lowercase today. And it has like little hearts and stars and all sorts of---- like a little phone, I mean, little, you know, icons---- -Little icons, yes. -that aren't on the other label makers. And so, what's neat about this is it comes with all these really cute little colors. So, I think a lot of people think; well, how do you change fonts? And it's really simple. You just feed it in there and then you can go dav and say I want to make the last letter a capital I, you just take it out and it just stays in place---- -I can do it mid? -Yeah, you can do it mid---- -[unk] it's so clever. -mid label. And then you put it back in, and then you can punch your I. and then you---- I just kind of feed it out, and look. -That's very cute for your daughter. -That is cute. -Is that cute? I mean---- so, I just love this tool. And it's really easy to use and fun. -Those are great, [unk]. -I love tools because they're not consumable. -Exactly. -You can keep using them. -[unk]. -And these are the things that I like to share at craps to look like I'm a good sharing girl, because I don't like to share my supplies. -Like you don't have any more of them. -But I'm not really generous if I say, oh you can borrow my tools. And like the tagger comes with all these little tags. And it's like, you get hundreds of them. -Oh wow. -So---- -See, so you can share [unk]. -you'd never run out. Oh yeah, I am generous. -If it clip tags at the store, you can clip the tags off and decide you don't like it [unk]. -Sweat, because it's the same color. -Well, thank you for showing us how we can be a McGuyver---- -You're welcome. -in our own scrapbook stores, and we don't have to go to the hardware store. -No, we'll let you go for us. -Yes. -But all these things and they're nice and pink too, that's the fun thing about getting scrapbook tools made for us. -Yes. -Did you know with Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 you can always journal or make titles in exactly a color from your photo. And the way you can do this is using the color selection tool. Now if you look over to the left it looks like a little---- it says eyedropper tool. And I'm going to drag my little eyedropper and I'm going to pick up a little bit of color from this red street car, and now you can see that the color appears down here in my color selections. Now if you want to make a title that has the exact color from an element in your photo, all you have to do is come up here to your color selection tool; and it says eyedropper tool and I'm just going to pick up a little bit of color from my photo. And now that color is in my color selection, and I can now type my title. It's a great way to stay perfectly matched. Be sure to stop by, our new show blog where you can leave questions and comments about this episode. Did you know that you could try Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 for free? Just click on the banner above our video screen.