In Loving Memory... Amelia Ulmer

Scrapbook LifeStyle co-creator Amelia Ulmer shares how she created meaningful memorial pages for her grandfather

Hi, welcome to Scrapbook Lifestyle. I'm Emelia Ulmer -and I'm Leah Fung -and I'm Angela Daniels and today we're gonna talk about collages that you can do in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0. I lost my grandfather to Alzheimer several years ago and he was a very interesting guy, he was a contractor his whole life and that was very important to him and he was in World War 2 and served over in Japan and that was also very important to him. He had lost his brother there, so that's just important part our family's history and I wanted to... at his memorial, do something very special and in a scrapbook, where I have to do something and I like to work digital and work on Photoshop Elements and so when you walked in to the church, the first thing you saw was a table there with candles and what I had created was 5 collages that represented different parts of his life and so I did, this one here was when he was young and so his family growing up and he came from a small town in the mid west and that's the center of the town and his military service. -oh wow. That's neat, how you put the... wow! -yeah, just yeah I found a stock image of a flag and laid that back and then the other photos on top of it and again he was 5th Generation or 6th Generation Contractor and that was very important to him. He was very proud of his family's heritage, so and he ended up as when he retired, he started working at Home Depots -oh fine. -it's burning your circular chair. -staying in is true but -right, yes so this one within the background and then this is him and grandma together over the years, the dogs I remember -that's really sweet -growing up, this is roses in the background -her hair is great. -Yeah isn't that fabulous? Yeah I'd still picture her like that, that's why I see her and then at the end of his years with Snowflakes Is the winner of his years and this is Grandpa Dean and just with all of the grandchildren around, so you walked in these are copies of it that what we have done is frame them nicely and have them up on easily. You just walk in and everyone could see this was who Grandpa Dean was over the years. It was just a nice way to remember him. Alzheimer touches so many people's lives and I mean all diseases horrible and no matter how someone passes is horrible. With this disease just impacts The family because they just start disappearing in front of you. I remember the day they sat us down and shared with us that they're, we knew something was up and that they share OK. He asked us, that we've got this diagnosis, this is what we're dealing with and I first thought was I'm gonna take him back to his hometown, that he hasn't been there in forever and so we planned this trip together, it was before my son was born and I was like a little more carefree and so grandma and grandpa and I flew back to Chicago and drove down to his hometown and I got to see that for the first time It was just a lovely trip and I've got a great scrapbook pages that I've made out of the new. Just a special memory that I got to take him home, while he still remembered, he got to see his old house and we took pictures of that and it was just a lovely trip and I'm just so glad that I did that as he started to, I was like kinda like disappear. It was just the doctors had told us that his personality could really change but what happened with him was really lovely. He just became this and even sweeter guy and he was so loving and downing on my grandma She took such good care of him, like all the way to the end but they would go to the stores together when he was still able to do that and he wanted to buy her a gift all the time -oh how sweet. -yeah and she accepted it, she loved it. It was just great. She was enjoying it, yeah. So the thing with Alzheimer's is just watching someone slip away and their memories and it's just and it was just another reminder to me how important it is to get things down on paper, write down your memories, take pictures nonstop. I'm always taking pictures and you know writing notes to it, so I remember what happens, you can pass it on to the next generation -oh that's sweet. -Yeah and so it was just such an honor to make these collages for him just to celebrate, you know his life and who he was because the people that were there remembering with us -remembering your son, has these memories. -Right my son has these memories too, yeah and everyone there at the service for him, maybe they didn't know him in that lifetime, they knew him at Home Depot and they didn't realized oh yeah he was a war vet, so we were able share that thru scrapbooking -that's really neat, it's cool. -so I'm gonna show you how to do a collage in Photoshop Elements. Here's a little one we did, this is Dave our director and often times around here, things are very out of control -what? No! -as you could see in the pictures the cast just goes wild at times, there's children on the set, there's turtles and other animals on the set, Tony on the set with flowers, who knows what's going on here and it's very simple to make a collage. You can do a collage just with paper -with scissors -yeah just do it that way but using Adobe Photoshop Elements, just pull photos in to one canvass and just size them down, just lay the main one that you want down and then just size down laying them over top of each other. Just get them in the right size, just getting a little bit of balance and then I just took the Eraser Tool and -oh I was wondering how you did that? -and then just soften the edges. -just soften each of the edges, so it just kinda blends together and then lay at some text over here and just finish it off and the cast is written some love notes to Dave but -thanks Dave -Yeah, thank you Dave. One of the sweetest guys on the planet but at times he's yeah -we tried, got us in -the space in his hands because the place is completely out of control, so we just, this is a little thank you to Dave but this is a fine way to start up a scrapbook page is by using a collage and then you can do it very touching moments or silly moments but just give it a try, you'll have a lot of fun. -one of the keys to digital scrapping is to make your elements look as real as possible. One of my goals is to have people wanna reach down and pull something off of one of my digital page that really isn't there and one way I achieved this effect is using the Drop Shadow Feature in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0. You can see here for this picture, a scrapbook layout of my daughter. I used a button that was already in Adobe Photoshop Elements and I was gonna pull it over here and add a couple of buttons that's always one of my favorite things to do with scrapbook pages but I wanted to make this button look a little more realistic and I noticed when I'm traditionally scrapping with real buttons. My buttons, I tend to put on a dimensional glue dot and they have little bit more shadowing then this button came preloaded with. So I wanna add Appear in my artwork and effects. I'm gonna come here to a special effects area and pull down layer styles and drop shadows and buttons are very high off the page and so I just choose low and apply and you can see I have now added a little bit more shadowing to my button and not only That but I can come in and really fine tune my button, so you can see this little sun here, that is the icon for shadowing and right here, I can choose the size of my shadow and if you watch my button there, I can really do a lot of different styles with my button, so what I do when I'm scrapping is think of what a real button would look like on a page and what type of glue dot I might have used under there and for this button, I'm just gonna give it a little bit extra shadowing and press OK and now I have a Slightly more realistic button when I printout my digital scrapping page and then I can go through and add more buttons. I can add tags and hopefully when I printout my scrapbook page, now people will ask me is that real? And they're reach down and try to grab the buttons off the page. -be sure to check out our new show blog at Did you know you can try Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 for free? Give it a try, client on the banner above the screen.