Inside the Box... Melissa Runcie

Scrap Inside the Box... Melissa Runcie

Cast designer Melissa Runcie shares her steps to making personalized shadow boxes. Featuring Stephanie Barnard and Amelia Ulmer.

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-Welcome to Scrapbook Lifestyle. I'm Melissa Runcie. -And I'm Amelia Ulmer. -And I'm Stephanie Barnard. -Today, we are doing one of my favorite projects of all time: shadowboxes. And the reason why I love doing shadowboxes is when I first started scrapbooking, I actually gave a gift to my husband. And I love giving, you know, scrapbooks as gifts and it's always hard to, you know, get an album actually made. These are so much faster and I feel like, you know, I can be more creative with shadowboxes. And, so today, I brought a lot of the shadowboxes. I actually kind of coax people into giving back some of their shadowboxes. So, I said, "I really need them to show." So I brought some of them to share. But, you know, you can use them for any occasion. Weddings are really popular. I get people that will call me and say, "I need a shadowbox for a gift that I'm gonna give for a shower," or engagement, baby, you know, all kinds of things. I've literally made shadowboxes for probably every occasion you can think of. So, and sometimes, I just make them because I get inspired by something I see, like for instance, what we're gonna work on today. I was going through the craft store and I saw this really cute butterfly, and I just---- I've been wanting to us this but, you know, sometimes they're limited in a scrapbook album, and you can't really use a lot of the 3-dimensional things that you want to in a scrapbook page. So, shadowboxes are the great way to get around that. So these are some examples of some that I did for a wedding. And, you know, you can pick out flowers or you can use, I mean, I'll show you later, I actually used my shoe from my wedding. And they come in all sizes. -Oh, and look---- -So, you can---- -You can pick the paper over the top of the shoe. -Yes. Yes. -You know, because you---- -That's cute. -you spend the day in your shoes. -Yeah, we got it. Yeah. -and that's not always. So... -And I do have a question. How come it says borrowed for the shoe? You never gave it back. I have an issue with that. If you borrow something, you have to give that back. -So we should give the other one back. -So, you know, and that was my tiara and I actually---- to fit in, I cut---- I had my husband saw down my heel so I could fit in. -Oh---- oh wow! -That was smart! -Yes, it was interesting. -To get you on a project. -Yeah! -Yeah! -That borrowed shoe, I feel bad for the person. -And I think what's neat to is it, you know, do you al---- do you have people that you always say, "Oh, they have everything. I don't know what to get them. They already have everything." -Yes. -And so, this is an example of an engagement gift and it tells the story of how they got engaged, and it, you know, features their engagement photos. So, this is perfect if you want to, you know, have something like this, and they showcase it at the wedding or, you know. -What I like about this one is if you don't know someone's dcor in their home, you put so much it is---- a percentage of it is the photo. -Right. -So, that would fit into anybody's home . -Yeah, and a lot of times, I'm actually inspired by, you know people's style. And, you know, you can do it either way, too. So, this is kind of an interesting one, too. I think part of shadowboxes is also preservation. So, if you have things like baby shoes or a quilt and you wanna preserve that---- -Uh huh. -a shadow box is a great way to preserve the actual object. And in this instance, this was done for a writer on the show "Men In Trees," and she had a couple of articles that were printed out about the show and about her. So, she wanted to, you know, have them in a shadow box. So, this is just a way and always when you're gonna archive newspaper, you know, either photocopy it out of your local, whatever store. -Copy store. -Copy store. And, or you can spray Archival Mist because it will turn yellow over time. So, and the goal is to preserve. -Or you could scan it in with your Epson scanner and print that one your printer. -Or you could---- I'm sure that would be the best thing to do. Yes. -That's what I would do. -And this is a sample of this particular... His nursery is a lot of the greens and, you know, John Derre kind of influence. So, they're so much fun. I feel, again, I just feel like I can have so much more freedom and creativity. I'm not limited by, you know, anything flat. So, the project that I brought in today, as I mentioned, this totally inspired me and then this wooden word inspired me. And so, I wanted to use those, again, something that I wouldn't definitely not be able to use on a scrapbook page. So, you know, all I do is I always just piece them together. Sometimes, like on this particular scrapbook shadow frame, the----there is some cushion in the back. So, if you wanna pin things as opposed to gluing them, you can do that. And also, when you're working, you know, obviously I can't work with the cover, but I know that I have probably about an inch of space that's gonna get unseen. So, I wanna make sure that I'm aware of that as I'm building the shadowbox contents. So, what I did with this butterfly here, it came with the long, you know, kind of wire stem. And so, I just took a pin and wrapped the stem around. -Uh huh. -And then I'll cut off any excess, and that'll keep fully intact and I don't have to glue it at all. And then, what I've got these pictures, and I notice this frame, I cut out the pictures so that I kinda match the frame. -Wow! -And I use a lot of pop dots when I do shadowboxes as well. And, sometimes I'll double up on the pop dots just to make it standout a little bit more. -Something you wouldn't normally do in a scrapbook. -Right. -Yeah. -So that's another---- yeah. It's kinda fun to get to think outside of the box in the box. -Yes. -So, for the clients that you do this for---- -Uh huh. -what's the most popular request that they have? -Definitely weddings. -Weddings. -Uh huh. -Yeah, that's great. -And then you wanna use a really good tacky glue. You know, this is wood. -Yeah. -So, you wanna make sure that this stays in place, too. -It's another craft store find. -Yes, absolutely. -Well, you mentioned clients. -Uh huh. -Our audience might not know, but Mellisa's scrapbooks professionally for other people. So, if you're---- you've been watching the show and you like what she does---- -Yes. -and you don't wanna scrapbook for yourself---- -And even I have thought about getting my own book, scrapbook by somebody else because I don't have time to do my own. -But tell them how they would contact---- your blog. -It's Uniquely Yours Scrapbooks. So even if you just google Uniquely Yours Scrapbooks, it comes out. So, and it's, you know, really interesting because I get to meet a lot of people and go on different adventures that I normally wouldn't and, you know, travel to different places and see all kinds of things. So... -Okay. So if you come to our blog, -Yes. -you can find the blog addresses for all of our designers. -Oh, that's beautiful. -So, this kind of, you know, that's it together. -That's great! -And I always like to add, you know, some finishing touches on the end so you can take, you know, things like rhinestones or, you know, and just gonna finish it off---- -Oh, . -just to make it look, you know, a little bit more glamorous. -This is one is---- as light as this is you could attach a bow on top---- -Uh huh. Yes. -and have the end with a bow. -That's a great idea. -That's beautiful, Melissa. -So, thank you. And then, this word here "Darling" is really cute. But you can even, you know, attach rub-ons right on the glass. -Uh huh. -This is plastic. And it becomes part of the whole layout, and it's a rub-on. So... -Very nice. -That's beautiful. -So hopefully, that will get you thinking inside the box the next time you wanna have a gift for somebody special. -Did you know that with just a few clicks of your mouse in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 you can be speaking like a pro? Up here in the "Help" portion of Elements, if you come down to glossary of terms, any of the terminology you might be hearing from digital scrappers or if you're on a digital scrapping message board and you're not sure what the terms mean, you can just come right in here and familiarize yourself from words from A to Z. -Well ladies, we have a sad announcement. Unfortunately, we are taping the last of our shows that will be available on Scrapbook Etc. magazine. So, please do enjoy the remaining episodes through the end of the year. All of this season's episodes will continue to be available at Scrapbook Etc. magazine's website. So, please continue enjoying the rest of the show. -And please stop by our blog. It will also be up 'til the end---- through the end of the year and you can find the designer, the design cast individual bios, and find out where we might be after we're done taping. We might be at a scrapbook store near you teaching a class and we hope to meet you in person.