Recycled Scraps... Angela Daniels

Cast designer Angela Daniels shows ways to make your scrapbook pages earth friendly with Leah Fung and Pattye Duffner. Plus the cast says farewell.

-Welcome to Scrapbook Lifestyle, I'm Angela Daniels. -And I'm Leah Thung. -And I'm Patty Defner. -And today I'd like to show everybody a little bit of green scrapbooking. So, we're going to be doing some recycling of our scrapbooking packaging. And I was inspired to do this, because my 2 little kids go to a Montesory school, and they recycle, they have composting bins; so, this is kind of in honor of my kids that I've been doing this, and it's just a fun thing for your kids to help you with. -You're such a good mom. -They're very---- no, they're very good kids. So, they've helped me think of this. And one of the things I feel guilty about, sometimes there's so much packaging that comes along with scrapbooking. So, I have a layout here, and this is my little girl since she was one of the people to inspire me to do this. And if you look at the layout, these are all recycled butterflies; and I just used scrapbooking packaging. So, these are from a brand called Petaloo, and they just happen to have very cute packaging that was pink and black---- -Could I just ask you a question? -Please do. -I mean, most people recycle by putting their trash in the recycling bin. So, that recycles the packaging there. You're saying recycling you trash---- -Into you know; someone who has trashed a treasures kind of thing. -Is it acid free? -Well, that's a very good question. Not everything in packaging is acid free, so if you're concerned about acid free, which frankly I'm not, I put everything on my pages I enjoy. -You enjoy acid? -I enjoy acid. But what I think is a fun project is to use your imagination on the beautiful packaging. And scrapbooking companies put a lot of effort into making---- I mean, so here's an example of prima packaging that had little flowers in it. The color is beautiful, and instead of throwing this in the recycle bin I can create a dye cut, I can hand cut this, I can make this into a tag just the way it is by adding a ribbon here. -[unk] photo frame, actually. -See, there you go. And this is something that my kids enjoy doing now, and we can kind of look at packaging in a different way. So, the same packaging that maybe was drawing me into buying the product, I can use on my pages. And so, I have a layout of my son, and I'm using all recycled packaging here. So, from the cardboard that came with a paper pack, all the way down to each one of these embellishments. Another thing that I've been doing for a long time anyway---- when you get pattern paper that comes in the nice variety pack, they usually put a picture so you get an idea of what's inside of the pack. Well, they make very cute little designs also. So, you can pop them right out. Donna made these for me just using a dye cut machine. Or you can come here and use square punch, and you get just a smaller version of a pattern paper that you already really like, and that makes nice little embellishments too. So, now I can put an alphabet on this or something like that. And what I've really had a fun time doing is using my [unk] dyes, because they're---- I used these nice small ones and now they're perfect for packaging. And I've been able to create some fun bugs, little bugs to go on my sons layout just by using different pieces of scrapbook packaging. Yes, it's nice isn't it? -It is. So, what I'd like you 2 to do---- -Okay. -we're going to make cards. -Oh. -So, this is a really easy thing to do on cards, because a lot of times your scrapbook packaging is very small. So, it makes sense to make small embellishments and they fit perfectly on cards. So, you can make cards out of scraps of paper that maybe weren't big enough to create another layout or maybe you have a project, and you don't need that extra paper. One of the other things that I found interesting is this nice plastic that comes with a lot of our scrapbook packaging. Works great in the dye cut machine---- -Does it? -with [unk]. Yes, have you done that. -No, I haven't and I like that idea, because they're all doing it. The [unk]---- -Yeah. So, this is---- you know what? It's interesting about that, because the hand [unk] will not go through with this. -Oh really? -You have to use your scissors. -So, here is just a regular piece of plastic from my scrapbook packaging that I normally would've recycled. -That's true. -And very cute. -All we have to do on this is add a little bit of glue to the edges, and this is where it's fun to get some good glitter. And just give it a little dimension. So, if I go all the way around that really pops out the design of this see through embellishment. And so I've created my own version of ghost letters. You could do letters and bugs and flowers---- -You're [unk] puffy paint on it too? -Puffy paint would be really cute. Alcohol inks would work on the plastic, so you could do---- color the entire thing. And if you'd like to---- so, here's an example of a little butterfly that I made. And you can---- if you're using little papers, you can ink the edges to give it a realistic look. So, some of the bugs I've done on my sons layout, I've inked around the edges. So, you two---- can choose a shape. -Okay. -And I want to encourage you not just to do the ghost letters, because that is a little easy, but try some of the other packaging that I brought. -Okay. -And let's see what are you going to make Leah? -[unk] has words on it, like---- -Oh, there you go. -Yeah, so that'd be cute. -Yeah that's cute. -I'm going to use that same dye. -What could I try? -Why don't you---- this is something I thought was cool too, so this was a prima paper pack that I had. And it has this---- all these interesting words on here, so if you want to go and cut out a single word to go along with your card. -Okay. -So, why don't you try some of this paper. -Okay. -And this will kind of match the layout I made of my little girl. I'm going to---- you do the colors and I'm going to choose a word in here. So, now I don't have to go, we won't have to go to the computer and type out a word. Well, I hope that gives you some ideas of how you can reuse your scrapbooking packaging into your projects. And I think it takes a lot of creativity. So, it's another way to kind of exercise your creativity, you can try it. -Reuse, recycle---- -I'm definitely going to try it. -Reuse, recycle, trash and treasure. -Repurpose. -Very good. -Did you know you could backup your photos quickly and easily with Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0? one of the biggest concerns I hear with my friends is they're very worried that they're going to lose the pictures on their hard drive and we've all heard the story of someone who has, but it's no problem here with Adobe Photoshop Elements. All you need to do is in your organizer, you're going to go to file, and use the pull down menu and we're going to go to online backup, and this is going to connect us to a site that will backup your photos as many as you like. You don't need to burn CD's or anything. If you choose not to. So, you have several options to backup your photos with Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0. -Hope you enjoyed today's episode. I did and I hope you have enjoyed all of our episodes in fact. Today, is the last episode of Scrapbook Lifestyle here on Scrapbooks ETC's webpage. So, thank you so much for inviting us into your homes for the last year and a half. We've enjoyed putting together the show. We're all here to get---- we all came in together, including Tony who we have an addition to the family, Tony got married last month. -Yaay. -So, thank you for being here Tony. Yaay. -Of course. -Yeah. Cathy Walker and Wendy Reed couldn't be with us, but the rest of the gang is here and we just wanted to thank you so much for letting us be a part of your scrapbook lifestyle. -Hi my name is Collin and I wanted to show you a few tips on how to make a mailbox. You simply take 3 pieces of paper, scissors and---- I forgot to show you my finish project. I am now making the box and---- now I'm stapling the mailbox together. -How many staples do you need? About? -14. If you ever feel like you don't want to do a hard project, this is the thing to do. -Good, and cut.