The Eclectic Loft

Styled by Traditional Home, this 1,176-square-foot loft is full of eclectic, yet earthy, pieces.

Hi, I'm Robert Young and this is the loft we designed for Traditional Home. The tag line of Traditional Home is, Classic taste, modern life and we had that idea very much in mind as we approach the design. We wanted to constantly play traditional elements against modern elements or more raw elements. I think that people who consider themselves traditional, they're not afraid of taking risks or trying something new, but I think that the things that are most permanent, they wanna make sure those choices have classicism and something that's going to---- It's gonna have a style that's going to please them over time so that when they layer in things that are more transitional or replaceable, they're more willing to take chances and make bold moves and have fun with it. We design for a couple whose main residence is probably in the country or suburbs. They raised their family in a larger home there, but now, they're spending their time traveling and this would be a pied-à-terre for them in the city that they can come in and enjoy the city with their family and friends or just by themselves as a peaceful weekend. Our intention or inspiration was to design a space that almost felt like an apartment in Paris, and I think we definitely have achieved that. We started out with a blank canvas of about 1200 square feet. The entry was designed as a space that could also serve a dual purpose as an art gallery. The powder room is beautifully appointed and elegant. They have a wonderful little study lined with bookshelves; a great master bath, off the master bedroom, which creates almost a master bedroom suite; and then you have this wonderful pavilion-like space that incorporates the kitchen, dining, and living areas. I think the biggest challenge was to create a smaller space that live large. The small space, more than any other, has to be well designed in terms of built-in storage and it's not dependent so much on bringing in furniture to fulfill those needs. So, we used pocket doors a lot that allowed the rooms to open up and close, so the whole space can open up for entertaining or you can create very private, intimate spaces as well. I think when you're younger, you want a dream house and I think when you're older, you want a dream life. And I think that a loft allows you to be surrounded by the history and soul of an older building at the same time living with modern conveniences, and being connected to the heart of the city.