Country Chic Loft

The Country Chic Loft

Styled by Country Home, this lush 1,464-square-foot modern country retreat is designed for a well-traveled career woman.

Thu, 5 Aug 2010|

Hi, I'm Mary Emmerling, and this is the space designed by Country Home Magazine. The space that we were giving is approximately about 1575 sq ft, and we just, it really set itself up from what we wanna do with it. There are 6 rooms, 2 bedrooms, 1 master and 1 guest, and then a guest bathroom. The kitchen with a little dining nook, a living room, and then the master bedroom has an office space, and dressing space, and a dressing room off of it and the master bathroom. The space just said what it needed to be. A stewardess lives here. She travels the world and that's why there is all different kinds of little souvenirs from, you know, LA or Paris, and she just brings back all these things, and she loves to entertain. She loves to have fun. Country modelling to me is a mix of maybe a big comfortable sofa, which you would have in any country house, but then these wonderful pink chairs are a bit contemporary, mixed with the bar that has mirror on it. It's a Yin Yang of woods, stainless steel or wood, and shiny plaster, you know, big windows but with a country curtain in front of it, and all those things to me are country modern. Country Home just loves, for people to feel like you can put your feet up on a coffee table, and enjoy yourself and never leave. My favorite thing I think is always the dressing room. I just love dressing rooms. I think the industrial rolling racks, we decide to put barn wood around them to make them country modern, and I think this is probably my favorite thing. The kitchen, I love because it's got your classic, typical, you know, wood cabinets, but then we use mirror tiles, and they were really coasters, to begin with, along the sideboard; the wood and then the mirrors, and the stainless steel refrigerator and stove, which is very popular right now, but then mixing it with all the county, China, and iron stone, and pitchers. I think loft living is appealing because this happens to be the ground floor, so it's really like living in a house with the convenience of not having all that worked. You have a little garden here. The rooms are nice and spacious. It's easy to come and go, and I just think loft living is what it's all about.