Decorating in Stages: Bedroom

This "Decorating in Stages" video shows you how to transform a blah bedroom into a relaxing retreat in three easy steps.

Every woman dreams of a personal space where she can retreat from the clamor of the outside world. I'm Lacey Howard, editor of Decorating Magazine, and today, I'm going to show you how we turned a blah bedroom into a sumptuous retreat where a busy woman can kick off her kitten heels and relax. In stage 1, this bedroom is comfortable but plain Jane. Color is nonexistent, beige carpeting begs for a pick-me-up and plenty of style opportunities are missed. Still, the room begins with a good foundation that is loaded with potential. Quality furniture and a neutral palette are a perfect springboard for improvement. This pink drawer set offers a hint of what's on the horizon. It's our inspiration for what the room could become with a bit of imagination. Midway through the transformation, a sense of this bedroom's new personality emerges. The walls take on a deep taupe tone and the bed benefits from a triple dose of color, pattern, and texture. In the sitting area, a slip-covered armchair and a pair of ottomans add instant charm. We ditched ho-hum mini blinds for soft Roman shades. Fun pattern pillows and a sparkly chandelier make this settee an ideal perch. Just think of the potential this cozy niche has! We moved out the dresser to make way for an ornate mirror, a trendy translucent desk, and a regal chair. Now, this vanity nook is the perfect place for the lady of the house to perform her morning ritual. Look at this bedroom now! Here in the final stage, this sumptuous space invites relaxation with soft, touchable fabrics and furnishings all wrapped in a color scheme fit for a femme fatale. Color comes full circle in stage 3 where we indulged our urge for pink. The bedding is transformed from demure to dramatic thanks to an exquisite duvet that boasts a bold graphic print. Flirty artworks, ceramic plates, and a new side table round out this romantic boudoir. Get ready for all-out glam! In addition to chic, shimmer, and shine, silk taffeta panels on the windows afford an extra measure of privacy in the bedroom. Oranges, pinks, and juicy lime greens jump out from pillows on the settee while a white felt rug with fun cutout shapes perks up beige berber. In stage 3, the vanity nook becomes a true multipurpose powerhouse. The tri-toned pink drawer set that inspired the room's color scheme is better suited here. It houses hair dryers, calligraphy pens, and anything else a gal needs to keep handy. Now this room offers the woman of the house a beautiful space where she can prepare for a morning full of meetings and decompress after a challenging day. Remember where we started? This monotone bedroom was off to a great start with quality furniture, but it lacked style. Color, pattern, and texture to the rescue! Deep pinks and effervescent oranges injected much needed personality into slip covers, pillows, and bedding. The windows went from drab to fab when Roman shades and luxurious silk panels replace off-the-rack blinds. By starting off with a single piece as inspiration, we made over this so-so sleeping space as a romantic bedroom in no time. Don't let a blah bedroom get you down. It's easy to create a space that speaks to you. Start by choosing a color scheme that makes you feel beautiful. Add comfortable furnishings that encourage you to linger. And the crowning touch, fashion forward accessories and art. For Decorating Magazine, I'm Lacey Howard!