Dining Space: Decorating Lessons

Dual-Purpose Dining Space: Decorating Lessons

In the dining room, where family meal time and entertaining meet homeowerk and home office, organization is top priority.

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Today's dining rooms often become dumping grounds for homework, receipts, mail and more. So why fight it? I'm Lacey Howard, editor of Decorating Magazine and today I'm going to show you how to conceal the clutter and create a space perfect for dining and working. Fortunately, these spaces architecture was designed with plenty of storage in mind. With a bit of creativity, we can turn cabinets originally intended for plates and trays into an ideal spot for office supplies and personal electronics. Here, magazines had [unk] and a charging station houses cellphone cords and MP3 players. Now, this room converts from a hardworking-home office to elegant soiree spot in minute. A pull-out self-hide laptop while both of your office items such as the printer and charging stations tucked into the lower cabinet. Labels announce the contents of each storage container. Your dining room should work just as hard as you do. Follow these simple steps to combine your dining space with your home office and you'll get much more out of your room square footage. For Decorating Magazine, I'm Lacey Howard.