Holiday Guest Room Plans

Stephen lays out an easy plan to transform a guest bedroom into a holiday hideaway.

So here I am in the before guest room. As you can see, the positioning of the furniture is a little awkward because number 1, you can't enjoy the view outside, and it just so happens there's a great view of a lake from out here. So you can't really enjoy getting up in the morning and actually sitting up in bed and looking outside by the way the bed is positioned. So, definitely rearranging the furniture, rearranging the placement of the things that are actually here and making them work better in this space is gonna be key. And I think you could see, It's more of a neutral palette now, and I think warming it up with the wall color will be key. Adding some additional window treatments. I just took down the sheer curtains that were here, and the sheer curtains didn't work in the space at all, and they've really were kinda an afterthought. So I think now that we've got it down to neutrals, we're gonna rearrange the room, and we're gonna bring some color, and once we do that, then you will see some personality in the space will start to develop. By simply bringing in some accessories with color and some bedding with some great color, you can see how these pieces and these colors tie in nicely to our accent piece. So I think this is a fun way to bring in the holiday theme to the space, but these things can be easily changed around and lightened up for spring or for summer and get a whole new look.