Room Revealed

Holiday Room Revealed

See Stephen’s dramatic transformation of a guest bedroom into the perfect holiday hideaway.

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So here's the finished room. I love having new arrangement of furniture it made a big difference in the space. Now, the holly accents are brought in. Just by adding draperies has really soften the room a lot. It made it more intimate and more inviting and then obviously the layers on the bed. It's still the same bed that we have here before. Brought in a layer of this blanket, this great pillow, and then you can see the colors that are in this pillow mimic the colors of Roman painting that I love. This really is the inspiration to the room and I place throughout the rest of the room with the lamps, with the wreath, with little accents in the throw rug, and the details they've brought into the room in the orange, and everything has been gathered together. And pretty much this is the fine example of shopping at home and really bring in pieces that you already have. Bring them into the guest rooms to make it much more of an inviting space for your guest in the holiday time.