Family Room - After

Clean and calm, this family room’s ready for its closeup as Stephen reveals the results of the makeover.

[time=0:00:0] So, we've grouped these photographs together, friends and family photographs, and simplified the design on the metal wall, and you can see a nice little clock here to bring some detail to this fireplace, which I understand from the homeowners, was not one of their favorite elements, but as you noticed now, it kinda takes your eye away from that [unk] detail, enticing the black accents that are on these pieces of artwork and mirrors, and the vintage collection of cameras, which I love, which are the homeowners and the books. Now, here's our cabinet which was a black cabinet that we actually painted, added new hardware to, but the fun part of this, is when the drawers went back in before it was completely dry, it actually scuffed it up a little bit. So now, we decided that it's gonna be a distressed cabinet, which has a great look now, completely different feeling to it than what it had before and it works in perfectly to our color scheme. So, we took the existing sofa the homeowner have, which had been against this wall where this table is, and repositioned it into the center of the room, and we've used their existing coffee table brought in a sisal rug and these chairs, which were a bargained, they were $25 a piece, and I've taken the trussel table that they had in existence already in another room, and brought it in because you can see that the black accents of frames that I brought into the space, the lamp, and the artwork all tied in together nicely.