Clever DIY Headboard

You have to see this! Designer Stephen Saint-Onge steps you through the simple headboard project he dreamt up on the way to the home supply store.

Now, over here, I've actually flipped some solid wood doors that I bought at Home Depot, and I've actually turned them around. I had them cut the top part off because normally the door is 80 inches, and now, they're down to 66 inches and what we are going to do, having flipped the door upside down so you have more of a wood surface over here, `cause I'm gonna put these 2 doors together, attach them to the wall, and we're actually gonna take this nice piece of crown molding and put it across the top. Paint it all of the same color as our furniture, and it's gonna look like a raised panel headboard that normally you would spend a ton of money on, but in these case, under a hundred dollars. Quick and easy.