Craft Room

Basement Craft Room

The craft closet is just one of the practical ideas you can steal from Stephen. Check out the other inspiring ideas in his dramatic basement makeover.

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So, I think this space uses a great use of creative solutions. It's all about storage, for example, so that if you're doing a craft project, you have trash easily accessible. If you wanna sew, you could bring your sewing machine out here and you can do sewing right out here, a quilt maker. If you're a crafter, if you're a scrapbook maker, you can have all these things right at your fingertips. So this space, which was kind of dark and depressing before, now has an open and sunny feeling because it has the butter yellow walls. It has the same floor treatment, but now it's also got these great cabinets, which were from Aristo-Craft. And this is something that's available to anybody all over the country. There are dealers everywhere. You can go online and check it out, but I love how they just give it a feel of being a useful space. Not necessarily has to feel like a kitchen, but it can have that homey effect. You've got the island now with all our great storage. You've got the stools, so people wanna gather around. I think it's also a great solution for kids to come and hang out down here. They can watch a movie. They can have movie night. They could do a project. Great space for the kids and for the family as a whole. And lastly, this closet was sort of an office supply storage area. And basically, what we did is we used the existing shelves and I decided, as you know, to keep the existing doors. And this is all about storage, all about art supplies and craft products, and all things that are easy access. And I think that's the bottom line as you really want everything to be readily available to you and something you're gonna wanna use all the time and be inspired. The bottom line, I think you wanna have fun with spaces that you have. No matter if it's extra bedroom, if it's a small closet, if it's a small space, use it creatively because that could become this craft room. It could become this home office and it could be the right fit for you and your family.