Living Room - After

Glamorous, soft, and still family-friendly. See the dramatic transformation in Stephen’s living room makeover.

[unk] So, here I am in my finished room. It's sophisticated, almost glamorous, old Hollywood sort of feel to it. Last night, when I was in the space when it was dark, it felt that we were in New York in a penthouse somewhere, that's the way it felt, but yet, it was approachable and comfortable, and family friendly, and that's what I think this living room ends up being, and now you see the daylight, and you see how natural light changes the color tones on the fabrics, on the accessories, and on the wall color, and it's important to see how it looks in different light and I love the feeling here now. It feels grown up, and you could easily see hanging out in here, you could have, you know, flat screen TV in here hidden in the cabinet if you wanted to that allows you to have that dual function of having family time in here, but then turn on some candlelight, dim the lights, and you've got a sophisticated space for a cocktail party or a family gathering, and I think this is something that a lot of people could do with a great use of color by transforming a space, color, great accessories, great mix of fabrics, but also bringing in the wood. As you can see, the mahogany element is the theme throughout here, and I think that's really important. So, to chance to have some fun with it, but I hope you enjoy the final result.