Living Room - During

Check out the progress on the living room makeover, and see what a difference a simple color change makes.

So here I am, I'm standing in the emptied out room and what I've done is I've actually taken everything out of the space and you can hear the echo now, but it's a great living room space because it's bright. It's airy. I think the color of the wall is actually a nice color. We're actually gonna deepen it a bit. This is a little too greenish gray. And what I wanna do is bring a little bit more of the blue tone into it, make it a sophisticated summery room, and that's really the goal of this space. We're gonna get the paint going in here and then bring back the existing furniture, rearrange it, and then the goal is bring in some key pieces that hold the look together and really create a sophisticated summer living room that's perfect for any family.