Room - Before

Living Room - Before

Get a glimpse of the glamorous future Stephen has in store for this living room with a bad case of the blahs.

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So here is the before of the living room, sort of a mismatched furniture, different styles going on, different colors, and really nothing going on in the wall and some simple artwork on the walls, but furniture that doesn't really serve a purpose, and the colors are not really going well together. For me, in this space, it's definitely not a summery feel because you've got these oranges and these greens and you've got this brown, which is carried through into the cubes. What I like about this room is that there are some key pieces that should stay. For example, this chair and a half and its ottoman, I think have a nice look. The colors on the fabric are actually a nice tone. Now, the sofa itself has a great look to it. It has a nice line, nice shape. The only thing I don't really like about it is I don't like these throw pillows. So, that's an easy fix.