Home Office Reveal

Get great ideas to put to work in your own spare room. Take the tour of Stephen's fresh take on a home office/guest bedroom.

So here is the finished room. Much different than the way it was when we first started out. Much more inviting. Much more use of color. Nice green tone playing out throughout the room. I love this computer armoire. It closes out everything. It has a place. Everything slides in and closes up. Great doors. This is Ethan Allen. Here's a great piece. In the before office, we had a lot of CDs stacked up on the desk. But here's a great piece which I love, which is great for office supplies, guest supplies, but also a perfect place to store all your CDs. Of course, in any guest room, don't forget good lighting. Here's a lamp that I love from Target with a nice simple basic drum shade and a clear base, and always the alarm clock, and flowers. Don't forget flowers. It's springtime. I love this cabinet. This is such a great piece from Ethan Allan. It goes great with the computer armoire. But I like it because you can hide office supplies away and you can also hide your supplies behind this glass window doors, which actually slide, but what I've done is put wrapping paper behind the glass to give it a nice color and attention to detail, so you've got a guest area with guest towels and guest supplies. Books for them to read, music. And then, all your office supplies can be hidden away on the other side. And a chair and a half completes the room which opens up into a twin sleeper. So for a small space, this saves one room, but it also creates a nice, inviting sitting area when you're using it as your home office.