Seeing Strongpoints

When you’re redoing a room, what should stay and what should go? Stephen Saint-Onge points out the strongpoints of a master bedroom ‘before’.

So, here we are in the master bedroom makeover that I'm going to be starting today. This is what it looks like now. What are the good bones in this room? Well, one of the big things is the windows with the molding. There's great molding on these windows. So it gives it a clean classic look [unk] drapes and do something else with that, and the bed, at least something to be desired. There is actually no headboard. It's just a box spring and a mattress and a California frame. It's an interesting bedding colors that could actually be repurposed if you want to and some nice accent colors, artwork on the walls, pretty basic, lighting and the night stands, pretty period feeling, pretty dated. Definitely, I wanna give it a whole new look. There's an interesting chair in that corner that actually could be repurposed in some way. Now these dressers are pretty dated, but all they need is a whole new look to freshen them up. So, I'm actually thinking, I'm going to prime this, paint them a different color, and actually, change out the existing hardware and really bring it out in the room a little bit more than it is and it's gonna be a little bit more feminine in color. This face actually is gonna be transformed into a get away for the lady of the house.