Rethink & Reuse

Use existing pieces to extend your budget. See how Stephen Saint-Onge incorporates the homeowner's garden furniture into the bedroom makeover.

So, the homeowner had some pieces of furniture that we're gonna bring in from the outside. Sometimes, you can use garden furniture or outdoor furniture in a creative way inside. And since this room is gonna have some garden inspired accents to it, I thought it'd be fun to take this classic, simple wicker chair, which is in black, which is a great piece. I love the way it look, but actually lighting it up with a green, it's gonna tie into the color of our room. So, quick and easy, something you can do at home, doesn't take a lot of time. Do it outside so that you don't have a lot of fumes, but I love the way it transforms the piece quickly and easily. And it's really gonna tie in well to our space inside. The little thing I like is these bistro chairs I found that also can be repurposed. I love them like this, but I think to tie them into the room and to view them in the same color as our green. Again, using the same paint that allows you to do something on wicker, on metal and you can actually just easily do this. Watch this. And the thing that's fun about this is that you could actually take a little sandpaper or steel wool and distress the edges if you want to make it a little more lived in, a little bit more worn and that would be fine too. The last thing is I found this ottoman that they had. It's an outdoor ottoman that we're gonna repurpose and even though, it's not matching the black chair, it's actually perfect because we're gonna color it in the same way that we're doing all these other pieces. So again, it gives the feeling that everything came from one place, has a unified look, and it's a great way to be creative on a budget.