Room - During

Family Room - During

The makeover’s in full swing, and you won’t believe how different the room already looks.

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Here we are in the room underway in progress. As you can see the paint has been added to the far place to darker tone, and you can see the darker tone, and there is our shopper shopping at my products. Darker tone in the back of the book cases, and then there is a lighter tone on the upper part of the wall, which I'm really excited about. So, you can see how the room is warmed up. Very neutral still. Here I am, but still nice transformation out here. That black cabinet that we prime and we painted. The drawers ready to be going back on. I bought some new hardboard to give it a whole new look, so if the new piece of furniture, and it lines in nicely. The back wall a little bit lighter, and this is that darker color that coming back of book cases. So, here's an example of you buy paint and why waste the paint when you can use it for a quick makeover on a piece of furniture and really give it a whole new look. So, now, we can see the room starting to come together. We've see the basic layout that I've gone with and I've removed the slipcover from the sofa to wash it and get that all in order. But you can see the basic layout, the new chairs that I've got on clearance, which add sort of a softer look to a sitting area. Obviously, the table, which was there, the new area rack. I'm trying this one up, but I've also got this one which is standing by, which had a wide border, which is in the same colored scheme, but it's a broad wider. So, I think that could be interesting and I'm gonna wait to see if that works. So, you can kinda see how the elements are coming together. Salvage big ball, which is on sale, which I was really excited about. Here's a great example of how, you don't have to put too much stuff on a coffee table. You could have a simple ball like this, which is a basket actually and fill it with some fruit or, some rocks, or something natural sort of elements, and you've got your decor for your table top. And as you can see over here, I've got it on my props, which I'm gonna bring into the room, which are standing by me.