Repurposing Furniture

Reimagine the furniture you already own. Stephen Saint-Onge shows you how to use paint to unify pieces from different styles.

So here were are with progress report in our makeover of our bedroom. I've taken all the drawers off, all the existing dressers that we're repurposing. Take any hardware off 'cause we're gonna replace it with new hardware, and right now, I'm going to the process of putting a stain blocking primer on all the existing pieces and these were all the drawers down here, and what this will do is it actually creates the surface that we don't have to sand down because this obviously was a wood finish, it would stain. Putting this stain blocking primer on it actually allows you to paint right over it afterwards. You just kind of put this on, let it dry and then you can put your solid color or whatever you wanna do with it afterwards right on there. You could even, if you wanted to have that distressed look, you could actually sand the edges, and the wood finish would actually still come through, and that could be something you wanna do with, but with room, we're not gonna do that. Now, also for this room, I've taken some unfinished furniture that I've purchased. These 2-end tables are gonna become our bedside tables, and I'm actually using the same stain blocking primer on that, but I'm gonna cover it with 1 coat, let it dry, and then we're gonna color it all in the same green color to make it look like a set of furniture that belongs together, and that's the idea. So, now I'm putting my final coat of color on top of my primed dresser drawers, and I'm loving it because the priming actually allowed me to really just do 1 coat of this final color, which is a pale sagey green color, and I love it. We're all done, it's easy, and in a second you see the transformation of these pieces, which will all get this pale green color, and I think it's gonna be really nice once the new hardware goes on and you'll see the completed look. The original dressers that the homeowner had had been repurposed. They've been primed, they've been painted, and the hardware is gonna replace, and I love this new hardware. It gives it a whole new look. It looks like an expensive piece of furniture when in fact, it isn't. So, it's a great way to be creative and have some fun and get a whole new look.