Mix & Match Carpet Tiles

What could you do with this versatile and practical flooring product? Stephen Saint-Onge uses FLOR tiles to warm up the family room.

So, this is our quick and easy flooring product by Flor and there're carpet squares that actually have a rubber backing to them, and they actually will stay in place. The thing that's nice about this, is they actually go down on the floor, and they're going to be nonskid, but if there is ever a spill on this, what will happen is you can actually pick up that square, wash it, clean it, whatever, or even replace it if you wanted to, and it's quick and it's easy and it's painless. So now, my flooring is in, which I'm really excited about is that went down quickly, but the idea is that it's stays into place. And I love that you could actually change the stripes around or you could do a stripe border or you could do solid borders, you can really change that and have some fun with it. But I love how it's really warmed up this room quickly, and it's also created a whole different feel to the space.