Room Design

Family Room Design

Comfort is key to Stephen Saint-Onge’s plan for transforming a basement into a space for the whole family.

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So, here I am in the family room makeover/home office craft room area. Here's the before. It's been emptied out, and we're working with it in stages. There are great bones in this room. You know, there're great windows with great light, the big board. I love big boards. That looks great, it's classic. That's gonna stay white. So that's a quick fix. It's easy, the trim looks great. The upper part of the walls can get a buttery yellow, which will brighten up the room. That'll be a nice touch. The Flor. I'm really excited about this. We took up the carpeting, which was you know, it was the kid's room. It was a playroom. There were dogs around and here's our dog friend now. Hello. And so, we took the carpet out so we can have something that would be a little bit more user friendly for the kids coming in to hangout, for this guy and something that'll still look a little bit more modern in styles. I'm excited about it. It's a product called of Flor. And we're actually gonna put it together in squares, so if you dirty it, you can pick it up, you can go wash it, then replace it, so I love that. And in here, I'm gonna bring in some pieces the homeowner already had, so we're gonna repurpose those pieces of furniture, but we're also gonna bring in a few new pieces 'cause the idea is you want the family to gather in here to watch TV, to hang out, and relax and enjoy. And the lighting is also gonna changed out. We're gonna brighten up the room a lot and make it a space that they're gonna wanna come in, kind of get away from it all and have some family time, which is key.