Double Duty Room

Office by day, extra bedroom by night. See how Stephen Saint-Onge plans to transform a spare room to do double-duty.

Alright, so here we are in the guest room of this house which is a basic room that we've emptied out and it's basic white. It has a new-build feel to the whole thing, but it's definitely a small guest room that actually is typical in most new-build houses. The thing about this room is that it's a fairly small-sized room that we're gonna use it as a dual-purpose room. We're gonna have it the home office during the day, which is what it was before, but it's also gonna have the dual-purpose of being a guest room and being something that's warm and inviting that doesn't make people feel like they're staying in an office space, but they're actually staying in a space that's been designed with them as a guest in mind. And to me, a big part of that is gonna be the use of color, and the colors that I'm bringing in are pale, sort of green color and a darker, warmer green color that complements it very well. And I like the idea that we can create, even in a small space, something that's warm and inviting, but at the same time during the day, can be an energizing, invigorating work space as a home office environment. So I think we're gonna have some fun with this room. I think you see the room now as being pretty basic, clean, and simple, but soon, it's gonna have some depth, it's gonna have some detail, and it's certainly gonna have some style.