Garden Wreath

Bring the glories of a garden indoors. Choose textures and colors to tuck into a simple wreath that will dry beautifully.

Thu, 5 Aug 2010|

Here's a great way that you can enjoy a piece of your garden inside any time no matter what the weather is like, build a great vine wreathe. It couldn't be easier and you can customize it any way that you want. I grew grape vines and so I have this handy, but if you don't, simply pick up the grape vine wreathes from your local craft store. It's kind of fun being able to make it yourself because you can customize it any shape or size that you want. Then, use plants that you like from your garden. For this wreathe, we decided to pull out some zebra grass because it's got this bold stripes and they're gonna look great when they dry. So just leave and tuck a couple of zebra grass stocks into your wreathe. Next, we'll wanna add some Joe-Pye weed. This is one of my favorite plants in my garden. It detracts butterflies and super easy to grow, and it has this really nice kind of dusty purple color. Joe-Pye weed has kind of tough stems so it can be a little bit difficult. Don't be afraid to muscle them. And then, this lovely fountain grass blooms. Tie it in all together nicely. Open plumes are nice and airy. They look great. Sometimes you might have trouble so you wanna just look for a different place to tuck your stems in in your wreathe. Lastly, for your drama, we have a hydrangea here. Pull the leaves off before you use it because they don't dry so well. Remember, this is your wreathe so you can make it look however you want to. There are no rules. Just complete the free format, enjoy. Here's a beautiful wreathe, and that's your Test Garden tip.