Native Plants

Save money by planting native flowers and shrubs in your garden. Better TV's Kim Singer shows us just how easy it is.

You're watching Home, family, life. Go native with what you put in your yard and you'll find yourself with much less yard work. It means planting your property with flowers and shrubs that naturally grow in the region you live in, and keeping your lawn small. Well, I personally think that lawns are a bad idea. Natives require a lot less maintenance and a lot less chemicals. So, once they're fully established, the amount of upkeeping care that's required is minimized. This is Lori Derallos' front yard, the only patch of grass she has at her 2-acre native plant nursery. Marie Blackledge's yard is much smaller, a typical suburban lot, but she too has gone native. Minimizing her lawn and filling her place with plants that grow naturally in the region with little help from her. Very little. There's some pruning, but that's about it. Water savings are another reason to go native regardless of where you live. These native plants are the most water efficient you can put in your yard. Planting with nature intended also pays off in wildlife. It just makes things like I'm providing the little sanctuary for native animals, native insects, butterflies especially, hummingbirds. You can go native in any climate, in any part of the country. Just find a nursery that specializes in natives for tips on what to plant in your yard. We all need to participate to help replenish some of what we've taken away, and it's beautiful, too. I'm Kim Singer for Better TV. Thanks for watching Always on with home, family, life. E-mail us at Together, we make it better.