Painting terra cotta

Mrs. Fixit shows you how easy it is to paint terra cotta pots and give them that natural outdoor look.

This is Home. Family. Life. Now, here is Mrs. Fixit. If you have new terra cotta pots and you want them to look old and withered, but you don't have patience. I have the answer. Outdoor paints. Check the local paint or craft store for acrylic paint that can be used on metal, wood, concrete, stone, and you guessed it, terra cotta. Take a naturally withered pot and look the deposits and discoloration, and see how they appear. Then, squeeze some paint unto a paper plate and use a sponge to apply it to your pot and a pattern to match the naturally withered pot. You probably want a couple of different colors to layer on for a more natural look. Once you're happy with the results, simply let them dry. These paints are also great for labelling your plants. Simply paint the name of the plant unto the front or the top rim of the pot to make it a container and a marker all in one. There you have it, some easy solutions for a few gardening dilemmas. I'm Mrs. Fixit, and it's just that simple. Thanks for watching Home. Family. Life. For more information or questions for Mrs. Fixit, write her at