Lawn Care

Preparation for the greenest lawn in the neighborhood. From getting the mower ready, to fertilizers, to watering and weed control, Better TV's Kris Eisenhauer teams with Lee Sitton of Home Depot for your "How To's" when it comes to lawncare.

You're watching, home, family, life. Spring and sprung and unfortunately, so have the weeds in my yard. Hi, I'm Cris Eisenhower and today, we're gonna hook up with an expert who's gonna show us how to prep our lawn for the warm weather. Come on, let's go see what he's got instore. So we're here today with Lee Setton from Home Depot, and Lee says that we need to, the first thing we need to do in the spring is take a loot at our lawn mower. That's right. You know what, definitely wanna start the season off, make it sure that your mower is ready for a whole summer's worth of use. So, the first thing that we're gonna check out is make sure that the blade is ready to go. Okay. So, if you tip the mower up, you can see very simple, all you have to do is remove the knot right here and take the blade off and then you can get a sharpener, and the sharpener, make sure it's petty tough. Okay. So, you actually have to take that off. Yeah, you got to take that off. And then sharpen it, and then make sure all this is clean. Yeah, sure. This isn't too bad. Not too bad. The other thing you wanna make sure that you do is just do a general maintenance on it, clean the air filter, and change the oil. If it starts to act funny, maybe the engine doesn't sound right, I would definitely recommend taking it in and have it serviced. Hopefully. Hopefully it starts. Yeah. Come on, start, start. Yes. Start. If it does take longer, that's alright. Do you have to prime it? Make sure there's gas in the machine. Alright, I'm gonna try it. You really should-- Okay. Try because-- There you go. Okay, I'm done, we're moving on to fertilizer. I know that you need something different for every season, what you do start within the spring? Well, in the spring, you wanna make sure that we get the grass to start growing again. We're gonna also take care of any issues that might have popped up over the winter months. Okay, and then, in the summer we'll be doing what? We'll be focusing more on the top and the bottom. So, this is more [unk]-- It's up and down. Yes exactly. A summer garden? A summer garden. And should you water before your fertilizer or after? A little bit of both actually. You want a nice wet surface so you got sticks and then you wanna water it to make sure it all goes down. You also wanna aerate, and basically what that does is put holes in the yard and that allows for water to get down and also the fertilizers to get down to the roots and keep them growing. How do I get rid of the little specific weeds in my lawn? If you just have 1 or 2 weeds that are popping up, you don't necessarily have to do an entire weed control for your whole lawn. You can just get a regular spray and just take care of the particular weed that's in that spot, but you really wanna mow your grass as high as you can, and mow it more frequently. If you mow it and keep your grass a little bit higher, that shaves all the weeds out and they don't grow as well. If you have a lot of pine trees and make your ground really acidic, so, when you go to fertilize, you can also put a coat of lime down real quick, change the soil and make it a little bit better for the grass. You know, just sweeten the soil up and they'll help remote the growth a little bit better because the pine needles add acid to make your ground acidic. Yeah, and it doesn't grow as well. Don't grow as well. So, we have to remember that, to put the lime in your fertilizer when you fertilize the lawn if you got to recover over your grass. Well, we're all done. Your yard is gonna be the envy of the neighborhood this year. Thanks for your help Lee, and it was really simple. I mean, all we had to do is make sure the lawn mower is clean, choose the right fertilizer; that was very important. Very important. Aerate the lawn and water. Alright, that's it. I'm Cris Eisenhower. Thanks for watching Always on with home, family, life. E-mail us at Together, we make it better.