Fire Safe Garden

Better TV's Nicolle Camarata shows us how to make our gardens fire safe as she heads to a nursery to check out the best plants for your yard.

You're watching Home, family, life. Gardening, you think about annuals, perennials, herbs, and flowers, but they don't think about fire-resistant plants and shrubbery, and when you have a gorgeous garden, it should also protect your home. Let's go find some. Well fire-resistant plants are plants that don't have a lot of buildup inside the plants and dead material that allows for quick combustion, and they're also plants that don't have natural resins or sap that are gonna ignite very easily. So, is it also plants that won't dry out, is that part of it? That would also be plants that have a nice fleshy leaves in some cases so that they do hold more moisture, and just aren't kindling and waiting to ignite. So, which kind of families and households should be concerned with having fire-resistant plants? Well, it would be primarily people who live in a wooded area or an area even in urban zones that have you know, large blackberry patch or something nearby that can ignite easily and spread to residential areas. One of my favorite fire-safe plant is this one. It's called Lily of the Nile. Isn't it cool? It's quite a conversation piece in your garden. This is a heavy hearty plant. Looks like it could eat you. I like that. When you shop for a fire-resistant plant, can get ones that flower? There are a huge selection of flowering fire-resistant plants, absolutely. Shrubs, perennials, ground covers, great [unk] covers as well as flowers. In fact, most of the fire-resistant plants are things that have nice attractive fleshy leaves and flowers. Are fire-resistant plants more expensive than normal varieties? No, they're the same as every other plant. It's a huge mix of plants from perennials to ground covers, trees, and shrubs, just a lot of normal plants that people wouldn't think of as being more fire-resistant than others. So really it's just a personal choice. There's no difference in price, in longevity. It's just an education thing. You just need to look in to it if you're in a situation where a fire resistant would help. All of these plants are fire resistant. You have no limitations on what you can choose. You don't have to sacrifice color or design when you wanna grow your garden safely. You are limited, however, on your vehicle size. I have no idea how I'm gonna these home. For Better TV, I'm Nicole [uk]. Happy gardening. Thank you for watching If you wanna send this story to a friend, click on share this just above the video. We're always on with home, family, life.