Garden Pruning

Mrs. Fix It shows us why it's important to prune your garden and the best tools to use.

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Pruning is part of keeping your plants and shrubs healthy and looking their best. I have a little pruner 101 to help you get the job done. These handheld pruners are probably the ones you're most familiar with. They're perfect for trimming up small bushes and shrubs as well as smaller branches on trees. You'll commonly find these 2 types; an anvil pruner, which has 1 cutting surface that closes on a softer edge to cut through the branch and the bypass pruner, which sports 2 curve blades that each cut, more like a pair of scissors. Both of these are used for general cutting on smaller branches, but the bypass pruner is especially good for softer stems like roses. For thicker limbs, you'll want a lopper. This is essentially like a hand pruner except that it has longer handles to give you a better reach and leverage. Finally, if you have thick branches that you need to deal with, I recommend a pruning saw. Its curve blade and handle will give you more control and cause less damage than trying to hack through a thick branch with loppers. I hope this helps you tackle any pruning problems that may come your way. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple. Thanks for watching Home. Family. Life. For more information or questions for Mrs. Fixit, write her at