12. Cleaning Up

PAINTING SECRETS: Don't throw your brushes and rollers away! Use the secret cleanup formula from painting expert Brian Santos to help your tools last longer.

Wow! Look at the color behind us. Yes, it's green. Do you love it? I love it. I love it too. It's great. I think it really makes this room and when you see-- Yes. it all pulled together it's gonna be amazing, but you know what, to every good beginning there is an ending and we gonna clean up. Yeah. And we don't want to ruin our good investment tools like this really good brush. So, I've got a little secret I'm gonna pass on to you, and that's this. We're gonna take our fabric softener. Now, about a half a cup per galloon goes into. It doesn't matter if it's a really good stuff, the cheaper the better, does not matter. And we can go ahead and let the brush soak, in fact, by just whishing around, and I'd like to actually clean my brush just about every 2 hours, believe or not. Okay. And this is going to dissolve the paint and not only that, but also, it will make the surface coated so the next time you use it, but you can't paint with a wet paint brush. Right. You know how wet that is? So here is a really interesting concept in tool. This is called a brush and roller spinner. Now, what we're gonna do is take this, and we're gonna give a little bit of water and right come over here, and spin the tool, and it cleans it. Wow! And it makes it dry. So, now what you do is you can actually take your cardboard sleeve, and you just slide it over there and it actually makes the brush. It's ready to go? Yeah. Yep. But you can see, look at it, it takes the paint right out nice and clean. So, you don't even need to leave it in there for a certain amount of time? [unk] minimum about 10 seconds. Okay. Okay, but it's a lot of time. What you do if you don't quite get it all out, just give it another rinse in there. Okay, and give it another spin, and you can see it actually dissolves the paint. Now, this works for Latex paint. Okay. Okay. So, that is really a great trick. Now, we also have a roller to deal with, right? Yes. So what we would do is we clean out as much as the paint out of the roller, and then what we're gonna do is just stick it right inside, and this will soak a little bit. Now, one of the things that I like to do is actually pull the frame completely off so I can clean it separately Okay. and just let it soak. In any type of paint you get on the handle, it's gonna wipe right off. So these are dissolvable and so forth, but we gotta deal with this tray. So, the same thing, here, we're gonna take our bag, we're gonna turn it inside out and we're just gonna take it and throw it away. So we try to contain all of our mess in one simple solution. Easy. Yeah. It makes it easy and it maintains the cleanliness, and it keeps everything nice and fresh. Yes. and ready to be use the next time you wanna paint.